Good Thing I’m Not The GM Of The Red Sox

After last night it’s safe to say I definitely shouldn’t quit my day job. Last week I wrote an article about how the Sox should call up this young lefty named Jalen Beeks. Beeks has been lights out so far this year in Triple A, and with our rotation struggling to pitch well why not give the kid his shot and see what he has.

Boy I couldn’t have been anymore wrong about that. Beeks got the shit hit out of him by the Tigers. Beeks went 4 innings allowing 6 runs on 7 hits and walking 3 runners. The Tigers offense is subpar to say the least and the 24 year old lefty got his first taste of just how difficult that step from Triple A to the Show really is.

Did Beeks pitch well? Hell no! Am I worried about him? Not in the slightest. Beeks is 24, still pretty young, he’s a lefty, HUGE plus! Sometimes you need to get your bell rung to bring you back down to size! I would much rather see Beeks get knocked around in June than I would come August. That goes for any young pitcher.

I think Beeks will be alright, give him a few more starts in the bigs, send him back down to Triple A for a couple months then see come August. Possibly, call him back up for either some spot starts or use him out of the pen. God knows our bullpen needs all the help it can get at this point.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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