Ranking the 2021 WorldTour Cycling Kits

With the 2021 road cycling season having officially gotten under way, it is time to turn our attention to the weird and wonderful kits that will be on display this year. As always, teams have utilized a variety of strategies and styles for the 2021 WorldTour kits. 


Because cycling is such a visual sport, the importance of a nice set of threads cannot be overstated. As a wearable advertisement, kit design is crucial in keeping team sponsors happy. 


Therefore, the best kits accomplish two things. First, they must be flashy enough to stand out in a packed bunch. Secondly, they must be enjoyable to look at. It is all well and good to stand out in a crowd. However, if the kit is an eyesore nobody is going to want to look for it anyways.


Without further ado, let us get into ranking the looks that the 2021 WorldTour teams have come up with. Please remember that these ratings are entirely subjective. Feel free to agree or disagree as you see fit. 


25: AG2R Citroën Team



I’m usually a big fan of the look that AG2R provides, but I’m not convinced by this one. The sponsors’ names are certainly eye-catching. However, the lack of any color to break up the white top makes it feel more like training gear than something to race in. I do like that they stuck to their guns with the brown shorts though.


24: Intermarché – Wanty – Gobert Matériaux



Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of this look. I like the orange and blue together, but the fluorescent yellow clashes a little bit. The design of the jersey also feels a little bit clunky. 


23: FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope



This is a solid look from FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope. It captures the French colors well, which is a must for an FDJ sponsored team. I also like the lines on the jersey that make it look like a maze. It just feels like it is missing that one extra detail to make it pop.


22: Team BikeExchange (Men and Women)



A new name brings with it a new look for Team BikeExchange. The kit reminds me a bit of Trek’s set up in 2012 and 2013 when they were partnered with RadioShack. It is a decent look, but I don’t think the team has recreated the visual appeal of their Orica-GreenEdge days. 


21: Groupama – FDJ 



Another classic FDJ look. The jersey is strong, but I’m not the biggest fan of the blue shorts. I do like that the shoulders alternate from red to blue.


20: Astana – Premier Tech



Astana’s 2021 look is a solid one. The light blue and dark blue is a good combo, and the gradient that blends them together is a nice touch. The kit is not as flashy as some of the team’s past get ups, but it does the job well.


19: Deceuninck – Quick Step 



I think this is an upgrade on Deceuninck’s 2020 kit. They’ve kept the distinctive “wolf pack” ears on the midsection, which is a key part of the team’s identity. The detailing on the shoulders is also a nice touch, it adds some texture to the lighter blue.


18: Bora – hansgrohe



This Bora kit is the first of several on the list that is largely unchanged. I think the white, black and teal works together quite nicely. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


17: Lotto Soudal



Lotto Soudal is another team that falls into the unchanged for 2021 category. I cannot think of anything wrong with this kit. It is a solid look that uses Lotto’s classic colors.


16: Team DSM (Men and Women)



In my opinion, this is a really sleek look. It is rather understated, so it may not stand out in comparison to some of the more colorful looks in the peloton. I think it is stylish and fitting for a team that has managed success even in the absence of the star power that some others have at their disposal.



15: Movistar Team (Men and Women)



Movistar has essentially recreated their 2020 kit for the new season. I like the look, so I don’t mind. The big M has always been front and center for Movistar, and it works well with this kit. Also, shoutout to Marc Soler for being the only rider to look at the actual camera in that team photo.


14: Trek – Segafredo Women



Although I’m a fan, this year’s kit is a downgrade from a season ago. The light blue and dark blue is a great combination, but it worked better when dark blue was the primary color. The white sleeves from a year ago will also be missed. While it is still a nice look, this Trek design is not a contender for kit of the season as it was in 2020.


13: INEOS Grenadiers



Another one of our unchanged teams, INEOS returns to the dark blue in 2021. It is a color that suits the team well. The red and white of the Grenadiers logo is also a nice touch that helps break things up.


12: SD Worx



This is a very solid look for a cycling team. The purple and red blend together nicely. The kit is easy to spot, and easy on the eyes.


11: Israel Start-Up Nation



I liked the 2020 ISN look, but I think this is an upgrade. It is a very simple, clean design, but it works well. The white and blue body looks nice, and the logo adds some color. I think the best compliment that can be paid to the look is that Chris Froome somehow does not look out of place after a decade at Sky/INEOS.


10: Cofidis, Solutions Crédits



The 2021 season sees an unchanged Cofidis set up. The team has had a classic red and white look since the 1990s, so it is not surprising that they are sticking with what works. It is not particularly flashy, but it stands out and looks nice.


9: Team Qhubeka ASSOS



This is a very cool kit. At first glance, the color scheme is not anything special. However,  the hands are really unique. White helmets can be risky but, in this case, they work nicely.


8: Bahrain – Victorious



I like this kit a lot. Bahrain’s look is bright and colorful, but it is not too over the top. The blue finish on the sleeves is a particularly nice touch. 


7: UAE-Team Emirates



Simply put, this kit looks fast. The blurred red and black on the sleeves is my favorite detail.


6: Team Jumbo-Visma



The Killer Bees are sticking with their yellow and black scheme for 2021. Jumbo-Visma was the most dominant team in the Men’s World Tour last year. Even without Tom Dumoulin, they’ll have aspirations of defending that crown in 2021. The yellow and black suits their identity. It also sets them apart from the rest of the peloton.


5: Canyon SRAM Racing



Canyon SRAM routinely produces some of the most colorful looks in the pro ranks. 2021 is clearly no exception. This kit is a bit more abstract than most on the list, but they have pulled it off well. The galaxy theme is a really nice detail.


4: Trek – Segafredo



I like the Trek set up a lot. The white, red and gray works together nicely. It feels as though they’ve included the perfect amount of each color. The pinstripes on the sleeves are also a very nice touch.


3: Alé BTC Ljubljana



This is a phenomenal kit. I really like the intersecting pattern of the pink and yellow. The solid yellow trim is a nice touch as well. The black shorts provide some nice balance and ensure the color isn’t over the top. This kit is sure to stand out, and it does so while maintaining a clean look.


2: EF Education – Nippo



EF have managed to perfectly capture the vibe of their team with this kit. At first glance, the pink and navy is a really nice combination. Upon further inspection, the measurements and markings are an amusing nod to the duck fiasco at last year’s Giro. As a team, EF is all about looking good and having fun. This look succeeds in both categories.


1: Liv Racing



This is a really unique look, and I love it. The purple is a good start, but the detailing on the front of the jersey really sets it apart. This kit is a drastic shift from the orange of a year ago, but it works extremely well. I have never seen a cycling kit quite like this one, which wins Liv a lot of points in my book.


In Conclusion


That concludes my thoughts on the threads we will see throughout the 2021 WorldTour season. As the racing season unfolds, I’m sure certain looks will grow on me and I’ll grow sick of others. 

If you agree with me or think I made any obvious mistakes, be sure to let me know. Also, be sure to check out the rankings Cyclingnews did for a different perspective.


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