Report: Jimmy Garoppolo Is The Patriots’ Plan A at Quarterback

According to reports, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is the New England Patriots’ “Plan A” at quarterback.

The Boston Sports Journal‘s Greg Bedard said on the most recent episode of, “The Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast” that:

“From what I gather from talking to people this week, over the past week, Jimmy Garoppolo still is far and away their Plan A…if they had to draw it up, exactly the optimal situation for the Patriots for this coming season, it’s Jimmy G coming back here. And of course, that’s all dependent on the 49ers doing something.”

As Bedard mentions, this is all dependent on whether or not the 49ers want to do something. Do they believe in Garoppolo? Do they want to test the quarterback market to try and upgrade?

Who knows what 49ers General Manager John Lynch is thinking, but I’m sure if the opportunity presents itself, Lynch would move on from Jimmy G. If there is a chance the team can get better, Lynch will go that route simple as that. I mean, there were even reports that the 9ers were in on Matthew Stafford before he got traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

On the Patriots’ side of things, this has seemed to be in the back of Belichick’s mind since trading him to San Francisco. It has already been talked about how highly Belichick thinks of Garoppolo. I mean, he didn’t even want to deal his former second-round pick, and I’ve already written about how much a Jimmy G reunion in New England makes sense.

Still, the point remains that it is the 49ers decision to make. The Patriots offer a package that San Fran couldn’t refuse, but I don’t see that making much sense. Why mortgage the future when you are in somewhat of a rebuilding mode? You need all the assets you can get.

Regardless, the Patriots still need a quarterback. What happened with the Cam Newton experiment last year was no good. It doesn’t make much sense to bring him back, so the Pats could either sign, draft, or trade for someone. But only time will tell if Garoppolo will be the one under center for New England at the start of the 2021 NFL season.

However, one thing I will say is that I think the 49ers are more than willing to move on from Garoppolo. They wouldn’t have called the Carolina Panthers about Teddy Bridgewater if that wasn’t the case.

So with that being said, I put the chances of the Patriots being able to reunite with Jimmy G at 50%. That’s due to the combination of Belichick’s fondness for the QB, and San Fran’s apparent willingness to move on from their QB.

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– Jarrod Ribaudo (@jarrod_ribaudo on Twitter)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @NBCS49ers

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