Renee Young joins RAW broadcast team full time

This week marked a point in history as the WWE appointed Renee Young to be the newest commentator for RAW. Renee is the first female broadcaster in the company’s history to join the table full time.

She took the chair of Jonathan Coachman, who will now be used in a backstage role and will serve as the host of the kick-off panels for pay per views and special events. Coachman hasn’t seemed very comfortable in the chair since his return this year, so this is definitely for the best. Hosting a panel will suit him better, as it’s similar to the role he played at ESPN for so long.

Renee has excelled at everything she’s done in the last 6 years, including last week where she did guest commentary for what was supposed to be a one-night occurrence. WWE must have thought she did so well, they gave it to her full time.

While this fits with the women’s revolution that’s been taking place for a few years, this is possibly the most organic part of the movement. They didn’t put too much of a spotlight on it or do it for one night just for the sake of it. She was simply good at her job, so they gave her a promotion, and the show went on normally.

WWE has had a bad rep in the past to do things just for the sake of making history, rather than naturally and organically introducing things.

She’s also doing commentary along with Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix for the 2nd Mae Young Classic. You can catch that on Wednesday nights immediately after NXT on the WWE network. Be sure to catch her calling RAW on Monday nights as well now.

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

Image provided by WWE.com

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