Reflecting During 4th of July

Happy Independence Day America and thank you to all our heroes who protect it everyday.

In this article, I would like to bring some reflections on what today means to me as a proud immigrant in this nation.

I happily immigrated to the United States when I was a 12 year old kid from Colombia. Growing up in America and learning its’ beautiful history has been my pride and joy.

Growing up here in the US and realizing this is where I will create my future is truly a humbling feeling. However, this 4th of July really hits me in a different type of way.

Seeing everything that is currently happening across this nation. Subjects like “Black Lives Matter”, seeing this nation so divided, and a horrifying political climate, I ask myself how can we bring change for the greater good?

How Can We Change?…A Personal Opinion

As a very proud American, I encourage my fellow Americans to remember the greatness of our constitution and our history.

There is an amazing quote that in this day and age couldn’t truer if possible…

The 2016 United States Election: United, We Stand | grace rodriguez

Let that sink in for a little…

Unity, equality, respect and above all else, inclusion are the things that come to mind when I think of this quote. While we face a terrifying pandemic as a nation, and a tormenting divide. I ask that this 4th of July, we the people, remember that our nation can’t be great until we unite again.

We must unite again, while truly respecting one another without discriminating race, color, religious beliefs or sexual identity.

Sports Wise.. How Can we Change?

As we have all witnessed these past couple of months, change is taking place in many ways!

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is not just a slogan, it isn’t indicating that just “Black” lives matter. It is a reminder that we all matter EQUALLY, that we can embrace change as it is one of the ways in which we can achieve the greatness we can be as a nation.

So what are some of the changes happening in Sports? Let’s take a look!

Seeing this happening in sports too, just truly reminds me… America has been great, however, America can always be greater!

Other Ways of Change?

Politically, I will first hand admit I do NOT classify myself as a Democrat or Republican. I personally classify myself as an American, totally independent of selfish political agendas.

I will also admit that I am a firm believer of this…

Gandhi Be the Change You Wish to See in the World Inspirational ...

So, politically speaking, I encourage all on November 3rd, to make your vote count!

Personally speaking, may…

God Bless America: Miscellaneous thoughts | Sonoran News

And a Happy 4th of July.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)

Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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