Red Sox Winter Weekend News and Observations

The Red Sox Winter Weekend officially ended Sunday and there was a lot happening. The main players such as Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, and others were seen walking around, talking, interacting with fans and such before the 2019 campaign begins in February. It was a long weekend, so let’s break down every piece by piece.

Chris Sale Wants to be a Member of the Red Sox for a Long Time

Chris Sale, arguably the best left-handed pitcher in baseball, said on Friday that he would be open to an extension.

This is huge for Red Sox fans to hear. Chris Sale is owed 15 million dollars this season and will be a free agent next season. You would be INSANE to not sign Sale long-term. He’s been an All-Star his two seasons in Boston and had a 2.11 ERA last season, even though he missed decent time due to injury. Make no mistake about it, Sale needs to be here long term. He embodies everything a Boston professional sports athlete should have and it would be foolish to let him walk.

Rick Porcello Also Would Love to Remain a Red Sox

Rick Porcello is in the final year of his four year, 82 million dollar extension he signed in 2015. However, that doesn’t mean he would be opposed to another one.

Porcello has had a roller coaster experience with the Red Sox. So, if that is any indication and history repeats itself; then we could see an off year. But, when his stuff is on and moving down in the strike zone, Porcello can be a very effective number three pitcher for this Red Sox staff. Keep the rotation continuity as long as possible.

Xander Bogaerts and the Red Sox Aren’t Close to an Extension

The Red Sox might not be keeping shortstop Xander Bogaerts for the long term. They have tried to get an agreement on both sides. But, it doesn’t look like the two sides are close at all.

The good news is both sides have interests to actually get an extension done. The bad news is that the two sides aren’t even close yet. In 2018, Bogaerts hit .288 with career highs in homeruns (23) and RBI’s (103) while also hitting for an .883 OPS. If he can keep these stats somewhat consistent, the Red Sox will be in a good position at shortstop for quite awhile.

Winter Weekend is Awesome and Something You Should Experience At Least Once

I had the privilege of going down this past weekend to Winter Weekend and it was an amazing time. From the events, to being at Foxwoods, to bumping into players and coaching while walking, it is truly worth your money. You can get autographs, hear great speakers and even bring the family down for a little weekend getaway. Just ask Chris Cotillo what you might be able to see!

Already can’t wait for Winter Weekend 2020! Try to go next year if you couldn’t make the trip this year. You won’t regret it!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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