Red Sox-Twins Series Preview

Two series down and a lot more to go! The Red Sox have kicked off their 2022 season on the road with six games. Now? They get their chance to come home. We get to see baseball games played at old and beloved Fenway Park. Enter the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are a team that are trying to be a contender in the American League Central division. However, they’ve had some bad luck and had to deal with a young and exciting White Sox team in their way of a potential division title. But of course, 2022 is different and we’ll see what the Red Sox do in this series. But before you kick back with a hot dog, a cold beverage, and a comfortable seat; let’s get that series preview in. Shall we?

The Red Sox Owning the Twins in their 2021 Series Matchups

The Red Sox played the Twins in seven games in the 2021 season. In those matchups, the Red Sox were 5-2 and scored 50 runs against the Twins in that span. Quick math, that’s a little over seven runs per game. Credit to the offense for putting up runs at will against this Minnesota Twins game. The Red Sox won both series in that time span, winning three out of four in Minnesota and then two out of three in Boston. So it’s safe to say that the Red Sox had no trouble with the Twins last season.

The Twins Addition of Carlos Correa

The Twins pulled off the stunner of the off-season by signing former Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa to a three year deal. This move truly was a head scratcher. The Twins are a team that we aren’t really sure what direction they’re heading in right now. Are they trying to tank for the future? Is it a situation where they think they can contend? Regardless, Carlos Correa is a twin and makes his way back to Fenway Park for the first time since the 2021 ALCS. We all know about the pointing to the watch deal that was made a huge deal with Red Sox fans. So it’ll be interesting to see how Correa is treated, now that he is out of Houston and long past the cheating allegations.

Series Prediction/Conclusion

This is going to be a fun series. The Red Sox will have a blast being home and celebrating being back in front of their hometown fans. Fenway will be rocking per usual. This is a series that I see the Red Sox taking care of pretty easily.

Series Prediction: Red Sox Win 2 out of 3

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Go Sox!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: clutchpoints.com

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