Red Sox Target No One Is Talking About

It is time for the Red Sox to become the Red Sox again. What I mean by that is, spend more money. The Sox should hugely pursue TWO big names. One hitter and one pitcher. You probably know the pitcher, obviously, but the hitter may surprise some people. I am talking about Marcell Ozuna. Yea, you know the often overlooked outfielder that was in the shadow of Stanton and Yelich while in Miami. Signed with the Cardinals and got overshadowed again by a guy named Paul Goldschmidt. Then this offseason goes and signs with the Braves and has a MONSTER year. Yea, that guy. Sign him


Ozuna has fit in perfectly with the young and exciting offense of the Atlanta Braves, headlined by guys like Ronald Acuna Jr, Freddie Freeman, and Ozzie Albies. Ozuna brings life to the game of baseball. He is fun to watch. Hits baseballs a country mile. His home run celebrations are awesome to watch. So basically, just an older version of Ronald Acuna Jr. 

Ozuna is turning 30 next month, so it is probably his last chance to really get paid, and I expect him to do so. He is coming off a year where he batted .338 with 18 home runs and 56 RBI’s through 60 games—definitely, nothing to scoff at. However, at that age, a 1-3 year deal might not be a terrible offer for him, especially if he comes in and does well, still gives him another opportunity to get paid. 


In case you are like many of the other Red Sox fans, you didn’t pay much attention to the Sox this year. The sox took a little bit of a different personality approach this year. Led by Alex Verdugo, the young kids play with a flare and show a lot of emotion. It is fun to watch. It may not be to the extreme that Acuna and Albies play with, but it is still there, and it is just as fun to watch. Now mix in a veteran who’s played with young kids and has been clutch in a deep postseason run. Once again, if you haven’t watched any playoff baseball, the Braves are now 1 win away from beating the Dodgers and heading to the World Series. Ozuna led the charge going 4 for 5 last night with 2 homers and a double. He would fit like a glove hitting in Fenway, and the fans would absolutely love it. 


Yea, this might be another JD Martinez situation where we have a ton of outfield, and the Sox brought JD in to be a DH. Well, Ozuna can actually play better defense than JD. Ozuna would be our new left fielder, and JD continues to hold down that DH spot. Yes, I want the young guys to still get playing time and see what they can do, and I understand adding Ozuna might take away from that. At the end of the day, though, we are Boston, and we expect Championships. Hell, if that means moving JD or Ozuna to first base, then I’m all for it. Nothing is off the table for me as long as this guys bat and leadership is in the 2021 Red Sox lineup. 


Ozuna is a semi-under the radar signing, and he is at the perfect age where you don’t need to agree to one of these insanely long-year deals. Bring him in on a 1-3 year deal. Throw player opt-outs in there, too, if it makes you feel better. Bottom line, bring him in. He can still crush and would go to a whole other level hitting in Fenway. He is electric, and if you don’t know why look up the Braves outfield celebrations and his home run celebrations. It is exactly what baseball needs to see to appeal to the younger generation. LET THE KIDS PLAY!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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