Red Sox Take Commanding 3-1 Lead In ALCS

First and foremost, that was an out in last night’s Red Sox 8-6 win in game four of the ALCS.  We all know the play in reference, but if you don’t, take a look.

Watch the video all you want at your leisure, make your own judgement, but was the correct call.

Now That We Got That Out of the Way…

Let’s get on to the rest of the game.  Game 4 of the ALCS was quite the back and forth game and Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora made some questionable decisions.  Luckily, they worked out for the first year manager.

“Pretty Ricky” aka Rick Porcello wasn’t so pretty in this game.  Allowing four runs on seven hits over four innings, Porcello wasn’t sharp.  Surprisingly he only walked one batter and struck out three but he got hit left and right.  Many (including me) were screaming at Cora to get Porcello out of the game.

However; there was SOME positive from Porcello.  After all, he was able to get 12 outs to somewhat save the bullpen.  Needing six pitchers to get through this roller coaster of a game, we still wonder how they won.  Somehow Kimbrel got his first six out save of his career too which in and of itself gave me acid reflux.  One thing is for certain though, if the Red Sox offense stops, so won’t the entire team.  The offense is the sole reason why this team is one win away from the World Series.

Andrew Benintendi was stroking the ball extremely well last night and missed a home run by mere inches.  And JD Martinez finally woke up a little bit too going 2-4 with a walk and RBI.  And the man that everyone saw coming, Jackie Bradley Jr. checking in last night with a big 2-run home run to give the Red Sox the lead.  No doubt that the Red Sox have had some timely hitting, seeing how almost every run they’ve had this postseason has come with two outs.

Get Ready For More Acid Reflux

Davey Tingle Fingers is on the mound tonight against Justin Verlander.  Price did throw 6+ shutout innings in last years ALDS against Houston so why not again tonight?  If he pitches well for 4 innings tonight, I’ll take it.  But expect a low scoring game from the Sox tonight against Verlander with their backs against the wall.


-Brian Berard (@CouchGuyBrian)

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