Did Joe West Get The Mookie Betts-Jose Altuve Fan Interference Call Wrong?

I have watched this play a million times at this point. I couldn’t decide if I thought Joe West got the call right or not. First of all, it’s Joe West and we know the guy is notorious for making absurd calls like this. I love him though because he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about his call and you better believe he isn’t moving out of the way for a screaming throw from home to second on a steal attempt. He’s wearing that thing on his collarbone like it’s a God damn trophy.

Last night I went to bed thinking that West and New York blew the call. I don’t necessarily think that it should have been a home run, maybe a double. At least that’s what I thought until today.


I’ve completely jumped ship on my opinion from last night and now think that West got this call right. And no, I don’t think this because I’m a Red Sox fan. Again, I’ve watched this so many times that my eyes melted out of my head last night. My retinas are burnt toast. The far, dark setting on your toaster kind of toast.

So go back and look at that maniac in the white shirt reaching across. He’s clearly way over the wall and that’s indisputable. You can see that from the side angle here.

The guy catching the ball, who also already hit Mookie’s glove is even further out than that guy is. Draw straight down from where his hand is and it’s over the fence, in the field of play. This picture right here is why I #StandWithJoeWest on this call. I wasn’t until I stopped one of the videos right here. That guy in the white button up shirt was someone I noticed way over the wall last night when watching the game but I didn’t compare it to where the man who hit Mookie’s glove was. Again… HE’S EVEN FURTHER OUT.

As I’m typing this I’m falling into a mental tailspin against my own brain for even having the preconceived notion that this wasn’t fan interference. This is the bloody knife in the murder (great metaphor, Nick), and Big Joe got the call right.

And by the way, that ball hit the wall on Tuesday, too.

Detective Quags out.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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