Red Sox Sign Marwin Gonzalez…Meh

The Red Sox continue to be making moves left and right this week. There was the trade of Andrew Benintendi to the Royals on Wednesday night, which Kevin Perdios does a great job of covering. But as far as signings goes, the Red Sox are back at it agin. This time? It’s former Houston Astro Marwin Gonzalez.

The Red Sox have come to terms on a one year, three million dollar deal with the utility player out of Houston. This deal is about as exciting as my Friday night. For anyone wondering, I’m playing Madden as I type this article out and have a Red Sox podcast to record in a bit. So you see the excitement oozing out. Let’s get to talking about Gonzalez a bit, shall we?

He was on THOSE Astros

Listen, we’ll get this out of the way. Yes, Gonzalez was a part of those Astros. I get it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring him in on a short term deal. A.J. Hinch is back to managing. Alex Cora is back with the Red Sox. The players can move on now and try to resume their careers. Rumor has it Gonzalez was a main culprit with the trash can banging. It is what it is. That’s in the past and hopefully Gonzalez can help the Red Sox rebuild in 2021.

Utility Specialist

Gonzalez is going to be a utility guy for this Red Sox team. He can play the infield and the outfield. Plus, he’s probably going to be a specialist against righty pitchers. It could be a lot worse. Gonzalez will take care of a lot of needs. Alex Cora knows this, considering Gonzalez played for Cora when he was the bench coach in Houston for that World Series “run”.

In Conclusion

It’s a “meh” signing. You aren’t leaping out of your seat happy. You’re not throwing things at your television. It’s a good signing for this season. Will Gonzalez be around long-term? No. But he could be a key veteran presence which this Red Sox team could use.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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