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Red Sox-Rangers series preview

It just continues to get worse and worse for the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox find themselves near the bottom of the American League East. yes, even behind the Baltimore Orioles. Talk about absolutely puke-worthy to think about! But the season as to continue on and the Red Sox find themselves heading down to Texas to take on the Rangers in a three game series. Here’s what you can expect from this weekend’s series between the Red Sox and the Rangers.

Will the Red Sox EVER Find Their Offense?

This is the million dollar question. Besides Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez, who else is really hitting? Rafael Devers and Alex Verdugo started off hot. But they have cooled down a bit. Sometimes, the bottom third of the Red Sox lineup makes me want to root for another team. Not that I ever will, but you get the point! This Red Sox offense is nowhere near where they were in 2021. They need to find a way to get back to that. Sure, you lost Hunter Renfroe and Kyle Schwarber. But you still have a lot of good hitters in that lineup! No more excuses, it’s May. Get the offense going.

The Duo of Corey Seager and Marcus Semien

The Rangers meant business in the off-season. They went out and signed Corey Seager and Marcus Semien to over $500 million. Yes that’s right, over 500 million dollars for the two of them! It hasn’t been the best start for the Rangers so far. But there still is plenty of time left for these two to help the Rangers put up a fighting chance in the American League West. It could be a long series for Red Sox pitchers if they give Seager or Semien anything too good to hit.

In Conclusion

Enough with the excuses! It’s time to actually win a series. This should be a series you find a way to win. You can’t get much lower than losing an early season series to the Orioles. But until the Red Sox win a series, I’m going to pick against them.

Series Prediction: Rangers win 2 out of 3

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: ESPN

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