Red Sox Ownership Continues To STINK

I’m going to start this off by saying that I can’t pinpoint exactly when my hatred for the ownership group started. It could be in 2012 with shipping out Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford, or even in that same year choosing to dump fan favorite Kevin Youkilis over manager Bobby Valentine because they didn’t get along. Maybe it was the countless other bonehead moves they had made over the years simply because they have never watched a baseball game in their entire lives. All I know is by the time they screwed the pooch on the Jon Lester “home town discount” contract offer, my hatred for them was set in stone. At least so I thought.

There Recent Move

Obviously, everyone knows about Alex Cora and the Red Sox “cheating” in 2018. First off, I don’t think it was cheating because I think the entire league does it, and MLB only handed down a punishment cause Cora was named in the Astros cheating scandal as well. Well, they also just hired back JT Watkins, but this time only in a scouting role. Good to see him back, I guess, not really sure what he brings to the table but hey glad to see him back in a job.

Who Is JT Watkins

Watkins was hired as an advance scouting assistant in 2017. His job basically was to break down opponents’ video to help the team develop its game plans while also assuming replay duties. He got in trouble or blamed because he apparently texted sign sequence information to the Fitbit of a Red Sox trainer who then conveyed to Red Sox players. While sign stealing and sign sequence stealing is not illegal, the act of texting information to the dugout was deemed a violation of an MLB prohibition on the use of electronic devices in the dugout.

Why Is This An Issue

This is an issue because these lying little snakes blamed this whole scandal on Watkins and said he was the one acting out of line and was never instructed to do so. On top of that, they kept bringing him back as quiet as possible. As I stated earlier, the only thing that was technically wrong was texting the trainer who was in the dugout. They literally think that we are all dumb enough to think that we will buy the whole “oh we didn’t tell him to do that, that was his own actions.” What a load of crap. You are the owner of the Red Sox; no one within that organization does anything without your approval.


I hate the Ownership group. Not that they brought Watkins back because knowing what I know now, he was just the scapegoat, and it was the right move to bring him back. This adds to the hatred for them is…it really wasn’t a big deal, so why not just own it? The Red Sox got a fine regardless. Did they think if they owned up to it, the fine would be worse? Even if that was the case….you are the Red Sox. You have all the money in the world; stop acting like the Tampa Bay Rays or some other small-market team. I will always hate this ownership group, especially with a weasel of an owner like John Henry, who spends more money on his precious soccer team than the Red Sox.

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– Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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