Red Sox Fire President Of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski

This Red Sox season has stunk. It has just been horrible from top to bottom. From the starting pitching, to the bullpen, and everything else in between; this team has severely underachieved. A lot of Red Sox fans were even wondering how much longer Dave Dombrowski would be a part of the organization. Well, we got our answer last night.

Dave Dombrowski has officially been fired from his position with the Red Sox.

My Reaction To It

I’m not really surprised by the move in the slightest. It seemed like it was a long time coming. Dombrowski was isolating himself from people in the Red Sox organization. He didn’t make any moves to help the Red Sox in the off-season or at the trade deadline. What do you expect to happen? Yes, the Red Sox won the World Series in 2018 and that was because of several moves Dombrowski pulled off. Alex Cora was not going to be getting the blame for this mess of a season. So it falls mainly on Dombrowski’s shoulders. It was bound to happen and the Red Sox finally made the move. Thank you for 2018 Dave Dombrowski, but it’s time to move on.

What Happens Next?

So, there will be no press conference to officially announce the Dombrowski firing. Whatever, they can handle the situation however they choose. Several people will be sharing the responsibilities of running the team with Dombrowski gone. The Red Sox will finish out this season, most likely missing the playoffs. Then, the GM search will take place and a new era of President of Baseball Operations will begin in Boston.

In Conclusion

This move seemed to be coming from a mile away. There needed to be a change and a change was made. I’m okay with the move, and Red Sox fans all over should be okay with it as well. Who takes over? Time will tell. But for now, let’s enjoy the smaller victories of the Red Sox season and then transition into the off-season. Positivity folks, positivity!

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