Red Sox Draft Rounds 3 and 4

The MLB Draft came and went, and the Red Sox have made all their picks. The quickest way I’d sum it up is shocking. Not in the way that I don’t agree with them. Just simply unexpected on the players available and the picks they made.

Round 3: Blaze Jordan 1B/3B

To me, this is the most surprising pick of the entire draft. Again, not because I don’t like the pick. It’s the exact opposite. I love the pick. I just never expected this kid to end up in a Sox uniform. He is a senior out of DeSoto Central High School in Mississippi. Besides the fact that this kid has a fantastic name, he hits absolute bombs. He is 6’2 220 pounds, and he is only 17. Can’t teach size people. Anyway, I have seen youtube videos of this kid hitting and was convinced he would go early in a draft, whenever he decided to enter the draft and someone like the Orioles or Tigers. That’s how high I thought he would go. Blaze is committed to Mississippi State for college if he decides to go. I think he ends up signing strictly to the fact that I have heard rumors of no teams taking players they didn’t previously have a deal with that they’d sign. Keep in mind due to the coronavirus. The MLB Draft was shortened from 40 rounds down to 5 this year. This puts more and more pressure on the fact the Sox need to hit on at least 3 of these picks. Blaze can flat out play. I wouldn’t worry about him. He is 17. Has unbelievable power. Don’t rush this kid. If he takes 3-5 years to fully develop and be ready for the show, so be it. He is worth it. I could do an entire post on Blaze Jordan alone, but we need to move on, so enjoy this video of him hit a pair of 500ft bombs in a Home Run Derby.

Round 4: Jeremy Wu-Yelland LHP

Jeremy Wu-Yelland is a left-handed pitcher out of the University of Hawaii. He features a fastball in the upper 90’s along with a slider and a change-up. The 6’1 left-hander appeared in 7 games this season before it was cut short due to Covid-19, thanks again. In those seven games, he pitched 13 innings with a 0.69 ERA. During his career at Hawaii, he appeared both as a starter and reliever. Reports are that he can struggle with command, and that is why the move to the bullpen took place. It sounds like he will fit right in with the current dumpster fire of a bullpen the Sox have right now. Well, guess again because the reports out are saying the Sox are looking to use him as a starter. Wu-Yelland seems to have pretty good stuff, and I’d like to see a 4th pitch added to that repatra before he ultimately makes that jump to a full-time starter. He pitched for the Chatam Anglers during last summers Cape Cod Baseball Season and appeared in 10 games and posted a with a 3.15 ERA, striking out 26 and walking 15 through 25.2 innings. Again, solid but not lights out. He seems to have great potential to make the jump to the next level.

I know what you are thinking, and yes, he did post this video himself to his own Twitter account. Love the dedication to getting his name out there!


All in all, I like this draft class. The Red Sox farm system is depleted still, and they need to get some young guys into their system that they can develop the way they want. They did just that with drafting two high school players and then followed it up by taking two left-handed pitchers out of college, both with massive potential. Sox needed arms, they got some, they needed young talent, they got that too. Blaze Jordan will be our 1B/DH of the future. He struggled a little hitting older pitching, but with more playing time an development, he will be just fine. Don’t rush this kid though, let him take the time he needs at each level to work through the system because when he finally gets to Fenway and starts launching balls onto the Mass Pike, it will be completely worth it.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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