Red Sox Bullpen Strikes Again

The Red Sox bullpen makes us want to puke.  What was once a solid piece of this team may be the thing that’s holding them back.  In the last 7 days, check out these amazing ERA’s

Heath Hembree – 9.00 ERA

Drew Pomeranz – 6.75 ERA

Joe Kelly – 6.00 ERA

Matt Barnes – 6.00 ERA

Craig Kimbrel – 3.00 ERA

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Boston Globe

Bullpen Studs*

Ryan Brasier has been a damn good pitcher since making his Red Sox debut on July 9th vs. Texas.  He has a 1.13 ERA with 15 k’s and a .81 WHIP.  He’s quite the story too because his last MLB appearance was five years ago with the Angels and has fought and clawed to get back to the bigs.  Even more impressive, hasn’t let up a run in his last three appearances and has only let up one in his last seven.  Cough cough, he’s your new 8th inning guy.

*I wouldn’t call him a stud, but Tyler Thornburg has been OK recently.  He also hasn’t given up a run in his last three appearances but has a 4.73 ERA this year.  But you still don’t have nearly enough confidence in him when he’s on the mound.  But if it makes you feel better, he has a 0.00 ERA over the past week.

The Guys Who Need to Step Up

Brandon Workman is going the complete opposite way this time of year.  In his 26 games he has a 2.59 ERA, in his last 15 games, his ERA has jumped to 4.05, and in his last seven games, his ERA is 4.70.  4.70!?  Your ERA should be going down, not up.

“Dirty Craig” was the one person in the bullpen that you could trust.  After another all star first half, he’s been anything but in the 2nd half.  The closer shouldn’t have a 2.52 ERA.  He had a good 1.77 ERA before the all star break but since?  Oh just a wonderful 5.79 ERA with seven walks and just 14 k’s.  The guy is struggling to hit the broad side of a barn right now.

Matt Barnes.  Wow has this guy struggled going down the stretch here.  A solid 3.60 ERA after the all star break in just 10 innings.  In two of his last three appearances he’s given up runs (Both to Baltimore).  He used to be a great 8th inning bridge to Kimbrel, now he feels more like a pitcher you put in when you’re up by a lot.

This Team Isn’t a World Series Team

This team WILL NOT win the World Series with this bullpen.  As a matter of fact, they won’t make it out of the divisional round with this bullpen.  If they don’t turn it around soon, expect to see nine innings from Sale and Porcello in the post season.  When it comes to a third and fourth starter, hopefully you can get six out of E-Rod and Eovaldi and get something out of Thornburg and Brasier and hope that Kimbrel doesn’t collapse.

But for now, be happy that they can outscore you and boy are we in for a rude awakening when we see Cleveland come to town soon.  Because if you don’t impress during that series, or the September series’ against Cleveland, Houston, and New York then expect another first round exit.  Even with two MVP candidates.

-Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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