Jalen Ramsey Calls Almost Every NFL Quarterback Trash

In an interview with GQ magazine, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey was asked his opinion on just about every quarterback in the NFL. Here’s what he had to say:

And just like that, Jalen Ramsey is my favorite player in the NFL. The league NEEDS more guys talking shit like this. Talking shit creates rivalries, and rivalries are always good for any sport. I’m sure these comments are going to make him, and the Jaguars, a lot of enemies if they didn’t already have them.

With a few exceptions (Brady, Rodgers, Cousins), Ramsey’s descriptions were pretty spot on too. Joe Flacco does suck, Josh Allen is going to be trash, and Matt Ryan is overrated as hell. You never see players go in on other guys around the league like Jalen does here. He didn’t beat around the bush at all, which I love.

What makes it even better is the fact that Ramsey is a star in today’s game. If someone not that talented said all of this, it would get swept under the rug. But with Ramsey generally shutting most of these guys down when they go up against him, it’s that much funnier. The kid is confident as hell and doesn’t give a shit who knows it. You can’t help but respect him.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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