Red Sox Bullpen Rears Ugly Face Once Again in Win

That bullpen meltdown just reminds everyone why we should worry about October. Who has the seventh inning? The eighth? Is the ninth even safe?

Tuesday night the Boston Red Sox won 8-7 over the Miami Marlins; but things were far from easy. The Sox bullpen blew the lead twice just to get bailed out by their teammates and a Marlins error.

I don’t know how many times I can write about how I am worried about Boston’s pen but last night brought everything to a whole other level. The Red Sox “most reliable relievers” (Barnes, Hembree, and Kimbrel) combined to give up 6 runs in 2 innings.

The fact that it came against the Marlins makes me even angrier. How is a this team going to beat the likes of the A’s, Astros, Indians, and Yankees if their bullpen can’t get the AAAA guys on the Marlins out.

I’m honestly beside myself. Despite winning, this was deflating to watch. Yes it’s true that no one likes watching their bullpen blow up. Yes it’s true the Red Sox are still going to make the playoffs. Still, Tuesday night makes me worry more and more that Boston is going to exit in the first round.

The Astros were able to win with a crappy ‘pen last season but they had SOME guys to lean on. Chris Devenski was really good. Despite throwing 80-something mph, Luke Gregerson was still reliable. Their is no one like that on the Red Sox. Kimbrel isn’t even at that point right now as he continues to struggle.

So what do they do? I mean, they should’ve traded for a legit reliever at the deadline but now the solution has to be turning starters into relievers. But there is still no guarantee that works.

I am at 40% panic right now. I don’t trust the relievers, the lineup isn’t hitting homers right now, but they still have so much talent. It will be interesting to see how Alex Cora ends up managing this group in the playoffs, but keeping the bullpen as is won’t bring a trophy to Boston.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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