Recapping the Patriots HORRENDOUS Day In Free Agency Yesterday

Free agency is heating up as the new NFL season is starting up, officially. The Patriots haven’t been strangers when it comes to making moves you would not expect. The other day, the Patriots traded with the Eagles for defensive end Michael Bennett. However, there were players reportedly on the move and yesterday, those moves took place.

Let’s recap the HORRENDOUS day that the Patriots had in free agency yesterday.

Danny Amendola Signs With The Lions

I wrote yesterday about how the Patriots whiffed on the Danny Amendola sweepstakes. The Patriots and Amendola were said to have mutual interest in bringing back the wide receiver. That didn’t transpire into anything as Amendola decided to join Matt Patricia in Detroit on a one year, 4.5 million dollar deal.

This move makes a lot of sense for both sides. Amendola is familiar with Patricia, he is trying to get his money while he still can, and he took a paycut with the Patriots for so many years. Meanwhile, the Lions get a receiver that can be beneficial to an offense led by quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Patriots had their chance at Danny Amendola, but they blew it.

Strike 1 Patriots!

Trey Flowers Also Signs With The Lions

The Lions were not done making moves. As the Lions continued on their journey to becoming the second version of the Patriots, (kidding…sort of) they decided to sign defensive end Trey Flowers to a five year deal.

This move was one that was bound to happen. Once the Patriots traded for Michael Bennett, it was clear that Flowers was destined to play elsewhere next season. Flowers was one of the biggest names in the free agency market and now, he is off the board. It doesn’t hurt that Flowers also has Matt Patricia as his head coach either. The Patriots could have kept Flowers going into his age 26 season. But, they decided to let him walk as well.

Strike 2 Patriots!

Trent Brown Signs With The Raiders

The last big move that hurt the Patriots yesterday was losing offensive tackle Trent Brown. Brown did a fantastic job on the line last season when Isaiah Wynn went down with an injury in training camp. Brown cashed in big time yesterday as he signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Getting paid as the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history is a pretty good way to start the week. Brown is getting 36.75 million guaranteed and the Patriots would not pay Brown that type of money. This move might not mean much if Wynn steps in next season and helps keep the offensive line going.

Strike 3, you’re out Patriots! (Yes, I know this is football; don’t worry)

Also, credit to line coach Dante Scarnecchia. He has helped offensive linemen get PAID in each of the last two season. Nate Soldier went to the Giants last off-season. Now, Brown is cashing in on a huge deal this off-season.

In Conclusion

You win some, you lose some; and yesterday the Patriots lost. Losing two players you already have and whiffing on somebody else you could have had at wide receiver is not what you’d called a “good day”. Congrats to Trey Flowers and Trent Brown for collecting their payday. Congrats to Danny Amendola for getting his “prove it” deal in Detroit. Have fun fighting for playoff spots while the Patriots most likely go back to the playoffs.

The quest for ring number seven continues on. Man, do I sound like a spoiled Boston sports fan right now!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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