My Reaction to Blake Snell’s Comments

By now, you have probably heard Tampa Bay’s Ace Blake Snell’s comments on baseball returning and what that means for the players. Blake seemed to have gained a lot of fans during this pandemic by participating in the player’s tournament of MLB The Show 20. Blake eventually went onto win the championship over White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito. With these comments, however, he might have undone all that work. Whether you agree with him or not, he may be onto something.

Blake’s Comments

If you have not heard it yet. Here is the clip:

Pay Cut Comments

Back in early to mid-March, the MLBPA and the owners agreed to a 50% pay cut if the season were be played in 2020. During these negotiations, it is RUMORED that the argument was brought up to the owners that assuming the season is being played, it will more than likely be played without fans in the seats. What this means for the owners is no ticket revenue, no concession revenue, etc. APPARENTLY, the owners agreed to this and had no issue with it. NOW, the billionaire owners are tripping over their tails and trying to get the players to take an additional 33% pay cut ON TOP OF the 50% that was already previously agreed to.

My Opinion on Blake

I am very torn on how exactly I feel about his comments. I see it both ways and can not blame you whichever side you stand on. Snell has valid points, the owners agreed to the original deal, they can’t now go back on it now just because they now realize how much money they are about to lose.

Blake was also very wrong with his choice of words. Snell makes $10 million a year. 33% of the $5 mill is still making about $3 mill before taxes. Making that kind of money and always complaining about it is a different type of delusional. There are first responders that barley make six figures that are risking their lives daily so you can have the ability to play a game. Blake also mentioned that the risk of exposure is “way the hell higher.” Well, yea, way the hell higher than sitting in your house playing Fortnite. Don’t get that confused with thinking you are going to be out in the middle of Corona infested people. You’re not. You are around your teammates and team personnel. I understand that is still a risk, but it not even close to the exposure risks the middle-class workers have to go through just to support a family. He has solid points and, again not entirely disagreeing with him. The only thing is, he has to be better about the words he chooses. He is making millions of dollars to throw a baseball 100 times, about 10-15 times throughout the season.

My Opinion On the Owners

What money-grubbing little turds. They are all business owner’s right? Baseball is just a business. Well, if that is the case, you all should know a pretty basic concept in business once you agree to a deal, its a deal. I’m not sure how else to break it to you. You make BILLIONS of dollars. In a time when everyone, including your players that help you make that much money, are sacrificing everything, you can sacrifice a few million bucks. Them giving up that much money is like me giving up $200. It sucks, but nowhere near cripples my livelihood. The players agreed to 50% of their salaries. That is a good deal. You billionaires make 50% less, and the players make 50% less. It is a fair deal. Now suck it up, develop a plan to get your “business” back up and running safely, and let’s play some damn baseball, huh? Stop making everything about money, please.


Both sides are wrong to an extent. Like I said earlier, I can’t blame anyone for whatever team they choose. I am very neutral about how I feel and can be persuaded either way. To me, its all craziness. This entire world is upside down at the moment. Millions of people out of work, and they are arguing over money? I don’t know, to me, its brutal. Both sides are right and wrong at the same time. The players shouldn’t have to take an additional pay cut, and the owners should be trying to get baseball back playing in 2020, SAFELY! Everyone wants sports back and wants them back safely, but for once, can’t we all just agree to stop fighting over money? Everyone in the world is struggling in some way. Let’s put the greed aside and work to find a way to get out of this nightmare and return to normal activities sooner rather than later.

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