Ray Allen Still Doesn’t Know How to Use the Internet

Former Celtic Ray Allen announced today that he was a victim of a catfishing scheme. This was announced after a man by the name of Bryant Coleman filed a motion against Allen saying that he was being stalked by the former NBA shooting guard. However, Allen claims it was the other way around, and that Coleman was pretending to be a chick showing interest in him. Why am I not surprised at all by this?

Did anyone teach Ray Allen that you aren’t supposed to talk to people you don’t know online? He’s probably the guy who follows back all of those fake porn star instagram accounts that literally follow every single dude in the world.

But if we know anything about Ray Allen, it’s that he doesn’t know how to use the internet. I mean, who can forget his infamous tweet from 2009?

For those who don’t remember this, Allen claimed that this Twitter was hacked and immediately changed his handle afterwards. But that’s the lamest excuse in the book. He was probably drunk or something and accidentially copy and pasted the message into a tweet.

So I’m not shocked at all that Ray Allen is involved in a catfishing scheme, and I actually find it hilarious. Adults that get thrown into this new age of technology never know how to use it. Poor Ray Ray still hasn’t learned his lesson.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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