Ranking The Top 5 Sports At The Beach

The time has come, as summer 2020 really peaks (its a ate peak thanks to COVID) to rank beach sports. We all enjoy a day in the salty air, and here are the best sports to play while you catch some rays and get that perfect windswept hair.

5              Frisbee

Frisbee is the type of free flowing and easy to play game that you would think would be absolutely perfect for the beach. Aesthetically and emotionally, it really is perfect for a relaxing day by the water.

However, for a few reasons, it must sit at the bottom of the top 5 (although it did make the top 5).

Frisbee and wind are super fun for those who have a high aptitude for the sport.

However, for less accomplished disc throwers, the wind commonly present at the beach can either be cumbersome or render a easy game of catch impossible.

Frisbees can fly anywhere and hit anything if the right gust comes along. A more crowded beach spells disaster for any game of frisbee. Nobody wants to throw a frisbee into a potato salad, and nobody wants a frisbee hitting them in the forehead.

4              Football

This ranking surely feels low to some. How often can you go to a beach and not see some All American Bros tossing the pigskin around.

Except wait, it’s not really a pigskin, it’s a rubbery approximation of the oblong icon of American sport. These are not football and thus is a game of “football” really happening. You know those football looking dudes with a tail? Is that football?

Either way, you know the chads and brads are too into it. Chillax guys, there are families around, nobody needs you F-bombs and diving catches.

I promise you, the cute girl in a bikini is not watching your game. Tom Brady is also not looking for a new wide-out.

3              Whiffle-ball

Truly, this feels like this snuck in. Whiffle-ball seems like it would not be good for a beach in the same way that frisbee is good.

What if you hit a bomb and it lands on Karen’s foot? Now her brother in law former cop is yelling at you. He has friends on the force who will come arrest you and now your ball is confiscated.

While that is a possibility, if you find a less crowded beach or play in the late afternoon, a flat beach is the perfect place for whiffle ball.

The ball dances some in the wind, which is fun, but if you do soft toss it is easy enough to hit. Also, there really aren’t huge bombs in whiffle ball, especially if you hit into the wind. It is knocking down your homer into a can of corn. Keep that swing low, y’all.

Even on a beach with a reasonable amount of people, the game really does not extend to far. Plus, everyone can play and it is easy going.

Finally, the ball doesn’t hurt much when it hits you, unlike a frisbee or football.

2              Spike-Ball

For those who don’t know this game. It is like ping pong around a net in the middle, and you can hit it in any direction. It takes four players to play and is very contained.

This is another game that anyone can play and takes the least amount of skill of any of the previous games.

The lack of skill needed (but you can be very good, of course) and no space needed makes this a great game for a crowded beach when you get the urge to do something.

It also is very easy to transport the equipment (so are the others, that’s why they’re all good for the beach) and not expensive.

If you haven’t played, you should. This is a good one.

1              Swimming

Obviously, this was number 1. This includes jumping waves as well.

I don’t think I need to explain this, but yea the beach is good for swimming.

Just don’t panic if you see a fin in the water.

Reminder: Sharks don’t want to eat you, you’re much more likely to die because a yellow jacket hates your face than because a shark confused you with a seal.

Honorable mention:

Boogie boarding – fun for those who are good but better in theory than practice. Harder to store the board.

Burning but calling it tanning – just me? I’m really good at it.

Volleyball – awesome if you can set it up, but is hard to store and you need a lot of space

BTW – surfing is more ocean to me, not a beach sport. Don’t come for me surfer bros.

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