Ranking the MLB’s “City Connect” Jerseys

All the MLB “City Connect” Jerseys are out, and boy do they cover a wide range of how good they look. You’ve probably seen a lot of reactions on social media, but this is the only one that really matters. Let’s rank the seven City Connect uniforms!

7: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers jerseys are definitely underwhelming. “Los Dodgers” is a nice touch and makes me think of the NBA’s “Latin Nights” jerseys, but it barely makes any real difference to the regular jerseys. The Dodger blue on blue doesn’t really work for me, but I guess the black on the sleeves is something? Just very bland to me.

6: San Francisco Giants

Source: San Francisco Giants

Points to Nike for taking more of a risk with these jerseys than some of the others, but at the same time they’re so boring. I like the G fading into dog and the Golden Gate on the sleeve, but that’s it? These jerseys are a perfect opportunity to get a little weird, and they just decided to not go for it with these ones. The thing is, those other jerseys they went weird with came out nice! These jerseys were a great start, but they could have been so much better.

5: Chicago Cubs

The Cubs Jerseys aren’t too bad. I like the “Wrigleyville” writing and I really like the hats, but again the blue on blue is rough for me. I think having light blue pants with the dark blue jerseys would jump the ranking pretty far, but as it stands they just don’t look super great as a whole.

4: Arizona Diamondbacks

Source: Arizona Sports

Similar to the Giants, the design is a little boring, but the lettering of Serpientes with the snake is really cool to me, and I like the cream color even if it’s more subdued. I really like the patches they put on them too. The only qualm I really have with them is that I would have loved to see some of the green and purple from the old color scheme.

3: Chicago White Sox

Source: MLB.com

Most people I’ve seen think the White Sox have the best Connect Jerseys. They’d be wrong, but they’re still really nice. The black with white pinstripes is definitely a bold choice, but it calls back the Turn Back the Clock jerseys from 2016. And, to an extent it works with the Southside script. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the reverse pinstripes, which is why they come in at 3.

2: Boston Red Sox

Source: MassLive.com

The Red Sox made the boldest change from their uniforms, in my opinion, but they did so with such a strong connection to the city of Boston that it set the tone strong for the rest of the uniforms. The font of Boston and the highlighter yellow color both reflect the Boston Marathon, with the light blue providing a great compliment. Especially after the bombing on Patriots Day in 2013, this was a great direction to go in for their City Connect uniform. Thanks, Nike, for bringing this into existence.

1: Miami Marlins

The Marlins Jerseys are the right amount of bold, different, and a modern spin on a historical team in the Cuban Sugar Kings. And it all works. The blood orange with the white stripes looks a lot more interesting to me than the black of the White Sox, and the teal shouldn’t work with the orange, but it does somehow. It perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Miami without falling into the “Miami Nights” color scheme (that I still really like). Kudos to you, Marlins.

Featured Image Source: SportsLogos.net

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