Raiders GM Mike Mayock Calls Out Antonio Brown And I LOVE It

Antonio Brown is a BABY. There, I said it! He has been the focus of headlines throughout the entire NFL off-season. First, he complained about Ben Roethlisberger being the only one that the Steelers organization respected. Then, there was the issue with the new helmets that came out recently. Well, Oakland Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock has had enough. He is calling out the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Brown left camp again after having visible frustration with getting used to the new helmets.

The craziest part about this whole saga is that Antonio Brown might still get his way!

Good For Mike Mayock!

I’m so glad Mayock came out and did this. Listen, I know and you all know just how talented Antonio Brown can be for any given team. But, come on! The drama needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW. Antonio Brown needs to get over this helmet issue and focus on getting ready for the upcoming season. He is just making himself look bad in the public eye by continuing this on and on. You wanted a change from Pittsburgh? You got your wish! Now, go out and give Raiders fans a reason to cheer on their beloved team this season.

In Conclusion

Like Mayock says, Brown needs to be all-in or all-out. If Brown chose to actually retire, what a win that would be for the Steelers. They have a receiver in Ju-Ju Smith Schuster that loves being in Pittsburgh and is very good too. The Raiders will look like idiots, trading assets away to get a wide receiver that doesn’t even suit up for one regular season game. Brown should swallow his pride, do what he can to get adjusted to the new helmets, and play the game. He’s leaving many Raiders fans with a bad first impression and a bad taste in their mouths. Thank GOODNESS I’m a Patriots fan and don’t have to deal with a guy like this!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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