Quarterbacks To Consider If You Drafted Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck shocked the football world on Saturday night by announcing an abrupt retirement from the NFL. He was one of the top projected QBs in fantasy this year and has left many without their top QB. Like this guy….



So what do you do now? Well, hopefully you drafted another guy in the later rounds. If not here are some guys you should look into via the waiver wire or trade.

Marcus Mariota

Many have faded on Mariota in recent years, and for good reason. He was once a great option for fantasy, but his stats have been on the decline. If Luck has you in a bind, Mariota could be your ultimate cop-out. He’s in a make-or-break year in terms of being a starter in this league and he has a bunch of weapons at his disposal. Between Corey Davis, AJ Brown, and Delany Walker, Mariota has no shortage of viable targets. The ultimate factor in determining whether he’ll pan out as a decent enough guy to get respectable pints on a weekly basis is his durability. Over Mariota’s career, he has battled the injury bug. If he can stay healthy, he could be your best bet.

Josh Allen

No one said you were going to get star options. However, Allen could fill a fantasy void. The rocket-armed QB is poised to take a step forward this year with his passing numbers. Now that he has his rookie season behind him, he should start to find his footing a bit. What helps most of all is Allen’s ability to use his feet. He had 631 yards rushing last year with 8 scores. His size also makes him a favorable goal-line option to poach some touchdowns at the goal-line as well.

Sam Darnold

You’ll likely have to sweet talk someone into making a trade because Darnold is probably on the end of someone’s bench. Even so, Darnold is another guy who could make a big leap in his second year in the league. He showed flashes at times last year of why he was so coveted coming out of college. This year he should have some burden taken off his shoulders with the addition of Bell, who will also help his passing numbers. I’m high on what Darnold could do this season an option for being an emergency fantasy QB.

Jacoby Brissett

The ultimate handcuff. Brissett is the heir apparent to Luck in real life, so why not fantasy. A one-time starter in this league, Brissett has real game experience. He also has all the same weapons Luck had at his disposal. Not to mention he too has the ability to use his legs to pick up points.

-Dillon Leary

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