QB Market: Why Deshawn Watson is the Cream of the Crop

With the Super Bowl coming up a week from Sunday, teams are already gearing up for the offseason.  And that comes with preparing for trades, draft,  and of course getting the right team ready for the field. But which QB would you step into the season with? Are you comfortable with a rookie right out of college like Trevor Lawrence? Or would a veteran hold more stock for you and have more control? Lets take a look at what we got.

College QB’s

Yeah, drafting a QB out of college can be a bonus in some ways. You get a kid who’s hungry to prove himself, work hard and put in 110% to show he belongs. With that effort also comes control with years and youth. However these young thundercats lack a few things. Experience is definitely one, and the biggest one on the block. The other is knowledge. Both of these are essential within a field general to make it in the NFL. QB’s like Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence,  Ohio State’s Justin Fields, and BYU’s Zach Wilson just to name a few have that IT factor. However they do lack that experience in the big leagues. Will they be studs and come out like DeShaun Watson, or Josh Allen? Could they be busts like Johnny Manzel, or Jarret Stidham? Time will tell.

Veteran QB’s

Of course the youth movement is in full swing at the QB position. However it’s not always the best movement. Going too young or taking a chance with a young buck can strain a team, or show it doesn’t have the experience to audible or read the right plays. More so it takes time and patience to learn these qualities. Starting with the coach, and given a few years you can develop a quality veteran that can lead a team and control your offense properly. Players like Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and Tom Brady excel at being the field general. These QB’s control the game, and everything around them, even without the right tools. When you take control, you make the best out of what you got, and turn it into a winning product.

Perfect examples are Matt Stafford in Detroit, and DeShaun Watson in Houston. Both have limited weapons, yet they lead their teams with the biggest weapon on the field: Their brains. Firstly, you have to look at is reading the defense, as well as making sure you have the right offensive play to deliver positive yards. Secondly you have to execute. Of course this will also be done on the fly. Your main receiver could be double covered or they could switch into a zone and take away certain options. Yet this is where the field general comes in and makes the best of it and works his magic. Yeah they may not win a lot of games due to either the defense letting up points, or a better defense, however you can’t take how they control the game away.

Toph’s Final Word

Rebuilding an offense is hard work, especially finding the right QB that will vibe with the team. For 20 years, Tom Brady lead the Patriots with leadership and control. Yet people forget he needed to be groomed, and having the right coaching does make a QB into who they are. So much time and prep goes into it, and they learn how to control clock, read defenses and maintain composure to go right downfield and win. This is what will be needed in New England. As much as I think taking a QB with the 15th pick in the draft, you have a 50/50 shot of either taking a stud, or a dud.

If I was Bill Belichick, I’d take on DeShaun Watson. He’s 24 years old, a proven field general, knowledgeable on and off the field, and has one hell of a cannon. However the down side is the cost would be high. You’d have to give up the farm, and a bit more. New England does have the money to take on the contract, and having him would take in some serious free agent prospects.  Acquiring Watson would definitely bring it a step closer to the Brady years, even with the current receivers the Patriots have. For me, I’m all in.

If not Watson, taking a upgrade within Matthew Stafford would be my next choice.  What he has accomplished in Detroit is amazing, sadly the Lions only built a fraction what they should have had around him. Because of this, he suffered, yet thrived under it. Adding him to the Patriots would not only build a better legacy for Stafford, it would allow him to reach his full potential.

What are your thoughts? What should the Pats do. Roll with a rookie, or take on a veteran?

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