Pretty Rickie Is The New Mayor Of NY

Beginning of August baseball games can be brutal to watch believe me I know. If you missed tonight’s game well, get off the bandwagon now because this Sox team is rolling over the rest of the league. The AL East is over. The American League Championship Series will run through Fenway Park. The Yankees Stink! All is right in the world of baseball!

Last night the Red Sox smacked the Yankees to a final score of 15-7 on the back of Steve Pearce who hit 3 absolute piss rockets for home runs. The Sox took Brian Cashman’s words of “When we play them, we do damage” and shoved it straight up his ass.

Tonight Pretty Ricky comes out and makes the Yankees his bitch to a tune of a complete game 1 hitter while striking out 9. Sox went on to win tonight 4-1 and lead the 4 game series 2-0; oh and “piss missile” Pearce hit another bomb for a home run.

I love every second of this! The Red Sox lead the AL East by 7.5 games and if it continues on this path will be up 9.5 games come beginning of next week. Not saying that would be pretty much the end of the discussion on who will win the AL East, but that’ll DEFINITELY be the end of the discussion. I can’t wait to watch the Mariners smoke the Yankees in the Wild Card game, while Boston coasts into the fall classic and brings the Commissioner’s trophy back where it belongs!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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