Glenn Jacobs aka Kane elected as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

Yes, you read that right. 2018 is a Hell of a crazy year, and that continues today as the big red machine: Kane, is elected as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He garnered twice as many votes as his opponent Linda Haney, at 51,804 to her 26,224. This was a landslide compared to his victory over his Republican opponent, which he only won by 23 votes.

Kane is now the second mainstream professional wrestler to take a position in US politics, as Jesse Ventura was a governor of Minnesota in 1998.

Glenn’s Jacobs ran his campaign with a tag that played off his character Kane’s lust for fire with the title: “Lighting the way for our future.”

It honestly takes some getting used to seeing Kane speak so wholesomely on camera, as we’ve seen him toss people into flames and bury his brother Undertaker alive in WWE programming.

Glenn has seen a tremendous wave of support since his victory. Superstars have frequently tweeted out their congratulations.

Daniel Bryan has also cited Glenn as “the smartest man I know” in his retirement speech a couple years back.

Glenn Jacobs takes his seat in office on September 1st, and we wish him all the luck! Watch him give his victory speech after he takes the stage to his WWE theme music.

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

Image provided by WWE.com.

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