Predicting the Celtics Record In Orlando

Yesterday the NBA released each teams 8-game schedule and has the season kicking off again on July 30 with Jazz-Pelicans and Lakers-Clippers.  Me being a die hard Celtics fan, I couldn’t be more happy with the schedule they got.

The Celtics have a very strong chance to go 8-0 and steal this 1 seed from the Bucks.  July 31 against the Bucks will be an Eastern Conference Finals preview.  I think both teams are stronger than the Raptors, Heat and most certainly the 76ers.  The NBA also needs big games in these first few days.  They need the fans to buy into this situation. There’s no better way to get us all jazzed up than two Conference Finals previews (Lakers-Clippers, Bucks-Celtics).

With that being said outside of this Bucks game they can absolutely go 8-0 or 7-1.  Before the season ended, the Celtics were the 3 seed and only 3 games behind Toronto for the 2 seed.  But people forget they were hurt.  I can’t tell you the last Celtics season I watched where there haven’t been injuries to key players.  Kemba Walker had knee problems, Smart was still recovering (despite playing) from his hand and Gordon Hayward still has feet problems from time to time.  Not to mention they are also being carried by two young 20 year olds who people forget are still not experienced veterans.

And I think this Orlando situation plays very nicely for the Celtics to win a championship.  What this Orlando thing does is take away home court advantage and traveling, and the Celtics will thrive on that.  Now this is strictly going to be roster vs. roster and the Celtics have one of the best in the league.  Outside of the Bucks game, each game should be a win. Unless they maybe drop one to Toronto, which I don’t think they will if playing on a neutral court.

So say they do get the 1/2 seed.  They will likely play Orlando or Brooklyn and both are very favorable match-ups.  Then the next round they’d play either a Miami team (who they have destroyed this year) and Toronto (who will give them a tough match-up).  Which would bring them to a potential match-up with the Bucks, and then a Finals against either LA team or like Houston or Utah.

Hopefully this Celtics team can do it.  Me personally, I’m sick of disappointment year after year.  I’m ready for a championship and I think this team can do it.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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