Feels Good to Know that the NBA is Back

It’s official, we will be watching basketball in the summer. The NBA is coming back on July 30th with the Utah Jazz playing the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Lakers taking on the Los Angeles Clippers.

This is very exciting news to say the least. However, it needs to be on the back of everyone mind that this comeback may not happen. With numbers rising in COVID-19 cases down in Florida, the NBA season could be in jeopardy.

Right now, though, we have basketball on a return. It feels like it has been years since we last seen basketball. This going to show us who the true competitors are and how much they dedicated themselves during this pandemic.

Even though this season is going to be the same as the other pass season, we still will get the opportunity to watch big names compete for a championship and give us that excitement back. This means a lot to players like LeBron James because it is about the legacy to the game. These players want to show everyone that their name should be talked about when discussions come up years down the road.

NBA fans will continue to remain optimistic that the season will resume and we’ll be able to crown a champion. July 30thcan’t come fast enough.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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