Predicting NFL Championship Sunday

The NFL’s final four teams are set to square off in two great match ups this Sunday.  Tom Brady and the Bucs travel to Green Bay to face MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams, and Bills Mafia takes on Super Bowl Champs Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.  Both games are Sunday at 3:05 and 6:40.

Buccaneers (+3) vs. Packers 

Tom Brady and the Bucs are heading up to Green Bay for an unbelievable match up with the Packers.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Brady and company to make it this far but they proved me wrong.  As for the Packers, a lot is on the line.  Rodgers is having arguably his best year yet and the team is rolling.  Matt LaFleur has had that team playing nearly perfect football all year and it has showed.  But, these two teams met earlier in the year where the Bucs totally dismantled Rodgers and Brady picked a part that Green Bay defense.  In week 5, these two teams met and the outcome was shocking.  The Bucs dominated to a 38-10 win and it wasn’t even close.  But that was week 5.  Brady and Bucs struggled after that game and Rodgers started his MVP year right after that.  Before last Saturday, I would have confidently picked Green Bay.  But watching Tampa come back and win that game against New Orleans, who swept them in the regular season, showed me that Tom Brady still has some juice left.  So, with that being said I think Brady and the offense will roll.  But let’s also not write off Rodgers and his MVP season.  This is the same guy who threw for 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, and I still don’t really trust the Bucs’ defense.  So for my prediction, I am going to stick with my gut and continue saying what I have said all year that “The Packers are the best team in football.”  However, I don’t think they will cover but they will win.

Score: 30-28 Green Bay

Bills (+3) vs. Chiefs

This is the year of history for the Bills.  All they did was get over that hump and I don’t know how you can go against that.  This was the first time since 1995 (before I was born) that the Bills won the AFC East, their first playoff wins since 1995, and the last chance they had to go the the super bowl…. 1995.  This is the team of prophecy and I am going with Buffalo!  I’m not sure how you can root for any other team.  As a diehard Patriots fan, I see a lot of early 2000s Patriots in this Bills team.  They are fun, happy, electric, and have a young, smart quarterback to lead them.  Also, their defense can hold it’s own and Stefon Diggs is looking like an A++ trade this offseason.  Diggs has been everything and more for Josh Allen.  The entire year the Bills were a “Patrick Mahomes injury away” and the Chiefs are being dead silent about Mahomes’ alleged concussion he received in the third quarter against Cleveland.  Is he even fully healthy?  First off, that hit didn’t look like it would cause a concussion.  I guess being dragged down by your neck would do it, but Mahomes clearly wasn’t awake when he stood up.  But this is Buffalo’s time to shine.  The Chiefs’ leader is wounded and this team is playing like they already won something.  It will be close and come down to a final drive but when you have faith on your side, you have to ride it.

Score: 38-34 Buffalo

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