It’s Time To Make The Move

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been hearing rumors and reporting about Texans QB Deshaun Watson being unhappy and wanting out of the toxic environment in Houston. Superstar players nowadays always get traded or they decide to leave to go to another team no matter the sport it happens in. There is one the only position in sports that it seems doesn’t happen especially when it comes to the elite at the position. That position is none other than quarterback. It is the most important position in sports. They are part locker room leader, part coach, and even part front office, especially the great ones. Yes, good QBs get traded all the time. But top 5 QBs that are currently in the game never do. It never happens especially in their prime or start of their prime. 

So there is no precedent for these Watson rumors and no the Carson Palmer or Jay Cutler trades don’t count sorry folks. So the availability of Watson will probably have a minimum of half the league calling the Texans about trade. There is a big part to this also that isn’t being discussed as much as it should. The Texans have no power because Watson has a No Trade Clause in his contract. So Deshaun Watson controls the entire situation of where he wants to go next in the league. So from half of the league calling there are probably going to be 8 to 9 seriously interested teams: Pats, Colts, Falcons, Saints, Bears, 49ers, Jets, Jaguars, and Dolphins. Given that Texans will probably not even entertain calls from Colts and Jaguars despite them having some serious assets. Facing Watson twice every year for the next 10 years is a tough pill to swallow. So that leaves the Pats, Falcons, Saints, Bears, 49ers, Jets, and Dolphins as being serious suitors from what the Texans could get to where Deshaun Watson would want in his next organization to be a part of. Which is a good coaching staff/front office, roster/cap space flexibility, being able to field a contender, and being able to be vocal on social justice issues. All those teams check off a lot of boxes, especially the Pats.

I know what you are thinking… The Pats weren’t a playoff team and don’t have a good roster. This is true as of right now. But the Pats have one of the greatest coaches ever. There’s cap flexibility to upgrade the roster quickly over the next couple of seasons. Plus, the Patriots organization is a leader on social justice issues. So the Patriots are appealing and will probably be on a list of preferred destinations that Watson will waive his No-Trade Clause for. Now other teams are probably interested as much and a couple of those teams can outbid the Patriots I won’t lie. Those teams that can outbid you are in your division(Jets and Dolphins) and that will be decisions they will have to make over the next few weeks because Jets could get involved, stick with Darnold, or draft Fields/Wilson. The Dolphins have a serious decision about sticking with Tua, drafting Wilson/ Fields, or getting involved in these sweepstakes. 

The time is now to strike and offer a ransom offer to the Texans while teams are still deciding whether to make a move or not on this. Honestly, you need to do it for several reasons:

  1. You need a QB and this definite upgrade from last year
  2. The fact you could be facing become irrelevant (I explain this detail shortly)
  3. Your recent draft record, do you trust Bill with the draft anymore?
  4. Free agents will want to come here for little less money to win with Watson
  5. It’s probably going to cost a lot to move up in draft anyways to get a young unknown QB

Now back to the irrelevant part… How can a team that has won 6 super bowls in 21 years be irrelevant? Well ask the 49ers of the 2000s. Ask the Cowboys (I know the NFL still puts them on primetime TV, but they are more known for their drama than playoff wins in the 21st century) ask the Yankees of 80s, or ask the Celtics of the 90s. All of those storied franchises became irrelevant at various points after a legend’s run. So it is historically competent but also you could become irrelevant in your market. Boston is a hockey and baseball city where the Bruins are good to follow when Red Sox is good to follow. Also given the Celtics’ situation of their young stars they will get a lot of spotlights in the next few years. Pats fans are the next kids on the block per se people only follow the patriots religiously after Parcells became the coach. You had more Giants fans than Pats fans in the region at that time and probably still have a decent size following of the giant fans today. 

Another angle that is becoming irrelevant is if Watson is traded within the division either to the Jets or Dolphins. Prospects of potential facing Josh Allen, Deshaun Waston and Tua or Allen, Fields/Wilson, and Watson is a scary scenario. That would make pretty much makes you a non-factor in the AFC East title hunt. It might even force a fight for a potential 7th seed every year. Given other good teams and upcoming teams across the AFC, you might be facing a significant playoff drought. Ending the Belichick era with dud would be a  disappointment even if you hate Bill. If this was the case the Patriots would become boring and sad because winning cures all. Postseason play is always more interesting.

Final angle to look at; is it financially worth it? The answer to that is a yes. Some fans will be back in stands next fall. A full stadium will be a thing in 2022 and beyond. You want fans in the stands and asses in their seats? Then you need to put a talented team on the field. Especially if you are asking for a lot in ticket prices! Also if you acquire Deshaun Watson, you can put his face everywhere. After all, you did it with Brady and Bledsoe for years. It’s a win-win financially for you.

To not belabor the point any further you need to make this trade for the reasons I mentioned no matter the cost in a trade. If it’s 3 first-round picks, 3 second-round picks and a young player then does it. Players like Deshaun Watson at the stage of their career never become available. This is Halley’s comet type event and you don’t want to miss it.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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