Praise The Nerd Gods! Infinity War Is Coming Out A Week Early!

So I was at my job yesterday and then went on my break. I do what I usually do and scroll through my Twitter feed to see if anything new had happened in the world. Usually nothing does catch my eye but boy that wasn’t the case yesterday. Marvel Studios and Iron Man himself (Robert Downey Jr.) had a nice little back and forth on Twitter and the end result dropped an atomic bomb on the nerd community. Look below.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! This is utterly shocking but in the best way possible. It’s extremely rare for a movie this big to move at all this late in the game; let alone come out early. This move means nothing but good things for Marvel fans. For one, the movie comes out earlier (duh), but this is just a power move by Marvel. They know the movie is going to be incredible and they have the confidence to move it up an entire week.

There’s also a financial side to this as Disney probably wanted to give Infinity War a bit more breathing room before Deadpool 2 and Solo (owned by Disney) come out in late May. Now that Infinity War is coming out a week earlier, there’s a real chance that it could break many box office records. I’ve been saying for months that Infinity War will break The Force Awakens‘ opening weekend record of $247 million dollars and this only proves my point.  They know idiots like me will see this movie 3 times in theaters, on opening weekend. Just 56 days left people! I can almost taste it!

Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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