Paul Pierce Pooping Himself Deserves a Place In Boston Lore

Who could forget the scene? Paul Pierce, in Game 1 of the 2008 NBA finals against the Celtics arch rival LA Lakers, went down awkwardly and injured his leg. With the look of pain sweeping his face, he was carried to the sideline and eventually wheelchaired into the locker room. To be completely honest it looked a little over the top, especially considering he returned a few minutes later. In case you did forget, here’s the video recap.

Pierce is a pretty tough guy. I mean he was stabbed 11 times in 2000. So what is the deal with him being wheeled off for what looks like a minor injury?

Well he may have given us an answer the other night on ESPN NBA Countdown.



Look, I’m no lawyer, but if this were a court of law he’d have been found guilty of pooping his pants based on his own words.

So here’s the catch. That’s kinda legendary. My man, a bonafide star in the NBA, crapped himself mid-game and came back and not only did the Celtics win the series, but he won Finals MVP. If you can’t appreciate that then you can’t handle The Truth(pun completely intended).

Put this one right p there with the bloody sock game and whatever Chara does going forward in their series against the Blues. Paul Pierce, Boston salutes your dedication.

It may have been better to just pee yourself though because……

-Dillon Leary



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