Patriots Week 7 Recap: Patriots Curb Stomp Rival Jets

Coming off a heartbreaking loss in Week 6, the New England Patriots looked to bounce back against division rival New York Jets.

It was a game most though was a must-win for the young Patriots team. Well, they did just that as they curb-stomped a struggling Jets team 54-13. With that, let’s break it down.

Mac Jones and the Offense had their best game of the Season.

There was no doubt that the offense was no issue at all the last few weeks. The biggest question was could they do it again. They did just that, as they dropped 54 points on this struggling Jets team.

Rookie QB, Mac Jones had a stellar game, going 24 for 36, with 307 yards and a Touchdown. Factor in a QB passer rating of 111 and that caps off a near-perfect night for the rookie.

That was just the passing game. A lot came out of the running game and the O-Line played fantastically. The team made the switch of Onwenu to right tackle. Damien Harris was the workhorse once again for this team. The running back had yet another 100 plus yard week, carrying the ball 14 times for 106 yards, and two touchdowns.

JJ Taylor also contributed with 2 Touchdowns of his own at the end of the game.

Receiving-wise, the team was well balanced, finding 9 different targets. Brandon Bolden led the team with 79 yards and a touchdown, while Kendrick Bourne had 68 yards and a 25-yard passing touchdown to Nelson Agholor.

It was a successful night all around for the offense and good momentum to carry into a tough Week 8 battle against the LA Chargers.

The defense stepped up in a big way.

The biggest question coming in was how would the defense bounce back after a so-so game against the potent Cowboys offense. Well, the boys on defense showed up. As a whole, they had two interceptions and 2 sacks. Regardless of if it was against Zach Wilson and his backup Mike White, the defense showed they could hold their own when they needed to.

It is hard not to like how this unit did today, given they were down Hightower. Some key pieces who were called up from the practice squad stepped up in a big way and helped fill that hole.

Special teams-wise, just another week for a unit that has been spectacular this year. Nick Folk once again showed against why he is one of the most reliable kickers in the NFL. The veteran kicker’s longest field goal of the day was for 50 yards.

Biggest Take Away from the Patriots Week 7 win.

All in all, it was a successful week for a team that needed a win like this. Some will say “it is the Jets” and that’s true. Not all good wins though do not have to be against good teams. A win like this gives a team like the Patriots a boost of confidence and morale heading into a week where they have to fly west to face a tough test in the Los Angeles Chargers.

This team knows they can win, they have shown flashes, but the real test comes now with a tough road stretch that includes the aforementioned Chargers, then the Panthers, after that, the Browns. So a win like this is a big morale boost for a team looking to go on a run to a playoff spot.

First Stop though: SoFi Stadium for a showdown with the Chargers next Halloween Sunday at 4:05 pm on CBS.

Photo Courtesy: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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