Patriots V.S. Jets Round 2 Preview

The Patriots and Jets already meet for the second time this season, and we aren’t even halfway done yet. It feels like this almost never happens, and even more rare that they get a Monday night matchup. This game has a much different feel than week 3, as the Jets starting QB is back in Sam Darnold. Most people think that this might be a real game for the Pats this week.

The Pats offense has just seemed off the last few weeks. Most people go as far as to say they are struggling. I think they are just working out some kinks, and if push comes to shove this weekend then Brady is going to do his thing to put this game away. If Josh Gordon is unable to go, we are most likely going to see a lot of Jakobi Meyers. This would be a great game for him to score his first TD, so be ready for that. This feels like the type of game that they will work a lot on the ground with Sony Michel to get him going and wear out a good Jets front 7. James White seems to always thrive against the Jets as well, and him and Edelman will be featured as 2 of Brady’s favorite targets per usual. Don’t forget that Ben Watson is back, and he is a guy that is automatically included in Brady’s circle of trust, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get around 5 catches to help this offense get going.

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As good as Sam Darnold was last week, I don’t think he is ready for this Patriots defense. They were able to negate Le’Veon Bell earlier this season, and they should be able to do the same this week. None of the Jets receivers are really talented enough to get open against this Pats secondary, and that includes Demaryius Thomas. Although he voiced his displeasure, I’m sure he is going to be shut down by the likes of JC Jackson. Darnold had flashes last season of what he could be, but even with that he really struggled against the Patriots. I’m sure he’ll do better than Luke Falk, but he was only able to muster up 167 yards last season, along with no offensive TDs. He looked fantastic in his debut back against the Cowboys, but they are nothing like this Pats D.

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The Jets might give the Patriots a little more struggle early on, but the Pats should run away late with this one. 31-13 Pats.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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