Patriots v.s. Jets Preview

Finally, a divisional matchup.  This is where the Pats make their money, against the worst division in football, that they just happen to be a part of.  It’s been an odd enough season so far, and just as odd that the Pats haven’t played a divisional team until week 6.  But it’s finally here, and so begins the turnaround toward domination of the league.

The big story of the week is Tom Brady’s “hurt” non-throwing shoulder.  It might just be a distraction, or maybe he just plans on playing through some pain.  Maybe he wants to make Jimmy G look like a little bitch because he had the same injury last season.  Either way, he still feels like he has to prove himself.  This team might be a little more run heavy this week than usual, but don’t look for Bill to be so cautious as to “run it 70 times a game” as he so sarcastically said.  Nothing should be out of the ordinary this week, and look for the Pats to attack and take advantage of a weak Jets defense.  Maybe if it is a blowout, we see some Garoppolo in the 4th quarter, to keep Brady healthy and give him some reps, either in preparation for the future, or to prove he’s still worthy to trade.

This defense was better last week, but still not good by any means.  They let Gilmore do what he’s best at, and play man to man instead of so much zone.  He limited Mike Evans to under 50 yards and no scores, which is good considering how well Evans has played this year.  The Jets don’t have many legitimate pass threats, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue this week.  They also have a very beat up backfield, so it looks like a combination of a hurt Matt Forte and rookie Elijah McGuire will be in line for work against the Pats, and don’t seem too threatening.  The one good thing this year has been the pass rush.  Look out Josh McCown, they’re gonna come for you.

The Jets still cannot be taken lightly this week.  Any team on a three game winning streak is riding on momentum and that can be a big difference maker, regardless of the skill of the team on paper.  This sounds weird to say, but this game is to break a first place tie, so it’s pretty crucial at this point in the season.  It should be a handy win though, 41-21 Pats.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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