Patriots v.s. Buccaneers Recap

Well, a wins a win right? It was most definitely not the prettiest game in the world, but regardless the Pats kept from dipping below .500 for the first time since 2002.  The Pats sure looked sharp in all white though, huh?  This might be exactly what they needed to get on the course to the Super Bowl.  I mean, you didn’t really think the Bills can win the division, do you?

Tom Brady might have had the quietest 300 yard passing game of his career.  It is clear that Julian Edelman’s short, chew ’em up pass catching role has been filled by a combination of Danny Amendola, and James White.  Although, they don’t look like they’re Brady’s favorite target.  Chris Hogan and Brady seem to be on the same page, and almost always on the same page in the end zone.  Sometimes its big plays, sometimes red zone opportunities, but either way he knows how to score.  Dion Lewis looked like he has fully gotten over his fear of his ACL injury two years ago, as he was cutting on a dime last night like the scat back we once knew.  He actually had a yard more than Mike Gillislee in almost half the amount of carries.  It seems like Brandin Cooks was almost unnoticed in leading the team in receiving with 85 yards on 5 catches.  Just a casual day for the speedster, averaging 17 yards per catch.  Overall, these guys are clicking, and have the o-line and the secondary in their backpacks right now, carrying them everywhere.

The defense…well we won right?  The main positive points is that 14 points allowed is a whole lot better than every other game so far.  Yeah sure, it takes a little luck for the man once known as “legatron” to miss 3 field goals, but football is a game of inches.  Jameis Winston still passed for 300 yards.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a secondary so porous that they gave up 300 yards to every single QB they have faced through 5 games.  If this happens with Jay Cutler, Tyrod Taylor, or Josh McCown, I swear I’ll jump out my (basement) window. Pat Chung might have been the teams best defender in the secondary last night, and that is a terrifying sentence in itself. I’ll leave one positive thing about each corner.  Gilmore was more physical, Butler plays his ass off, and Jonathan Jones is the next Malcolm Butler.  The pass rush has improved, and the run stoppers could use a little help. The biggest question is, how the hell do you manage to rough the passer 2 times with time expired in the 2nd quarter? That was just like a child who keeps putting his hand on a hot stove.  Which seems to be a trend on defense this season.  If the poor play doesn’t kill them this year, penalties will.

Why didn’t Gronk Play? Why did Alan Branch not travel with the team?  All very last second decisions by the team that I cannot even fathom the answers to, and made winning this game all that much more difficult.  Gronk, please be back next you we (and my fantasy team) need you.  As for Branch, say hi to Jamie Collins for us.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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