Patriots Tight End Situation

This is something that a lot of people have been speculating recently, so I figured it’s time to address it. So Gronk is supposedly contemplating retirement. How true it is, everyone can have their opinions, but I’ll believe it when he actually does it. However I think even he knows he does not have the education level to be successful doing much else. Maybe the WWE is his only other calling because he really is not a great actor. It would be dumb to throw away a career where he is almost a shoe in hall of famer, and if he continues to play at this level could be considered the greatest tight end to play the game. If he does really decide he can’t play anymore, they need to have some options.

Realistically, the next best option is probably Martellus Bennett. He does know the system, and thrived in it without Gronk. Not only did he do well receiving, but he was also a huge asset when it comes to run blocking. There are many questions that go along with Marty though. One is his injury history. He only played like 2 games as a Patriot this season before being ruled out for the year. He also has contemplated retirement. Although, it has been said he wants to play next season, he can be a wild card himself. That’s the other factor. He whined his way out of Green Bay because he did not like it there last season. He could very easily do the same thing here. Even if Gronk plays, I hope Marty comes back with him.

There are other options like Dwayne Allen. Yeah he was here and he knows the offense, but was not very prominent. He could be a good way to save some salary cap if he is cut. Other people have hinted Jimmy Graham coming this way. If Gronk really did leave, I thin Brady could take full advantage of having a 6’8″ former basketball player at tight end. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to build through the draft at the position. Please, don’t actually retire Gronk.

Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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