Former NFL Lineman Jonathan Martin Posts Frightening Picture

If you don’t remember, former Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin claimed he was bullied by multiple members of his own locker room a few years back. Since he’s been out of the league, we haven’t heard much of anything from him, or at least until today we hadn’t.

Martin posted this photo of a shotgun and ammunition to his Instagram account, tagging not only the teammates who bullied him ​but his former high school as well. To see this just over a week after everything that happened in Florida is absolutely disgusting. The only good news from this story is that a Miami Dolphins official alerted the NFL of the picture, and Martin has since been taken into custody.

I felt sick to my stomach after seeing this. Post-career mental health has been a serious issue surrounding the NFL for a while now. We’ve seen multiple former and even current players take their own lives or the lives of others. To say that he might have ended up doing something traumatic here isn’t all that far-fetched. I’m just glad somebody was able to get to him before he did something stupid. Hopefully, ​he can get the help that he needs.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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