Patriots Sign Former Bills WR Jordan Matthews

Welp, they did it again. The Patriots just LOVE snagging former Buffalo Bills in free agency. The latest signing? Former Bills and Eagles WR Jordan Matthews. In 10 games with Buffalo last year, Matthews hauled in 25 receptions for 287 yards and 1 touchdown. These numbers might seem small, but they are WAY down from his first few seasons with the Eagles. A lot of this could have to do with him missing 6 games last year, or the fact that the Bills ran a fairly run-heavy offense last season. I think a healthy, fresh start could do him wonders.

It’s obvious why the Patriots made this move (outside of the fact that they love trolling Buffalo). After the Brandin Cooks trade, the Pats had a hole to fill at WR. I’m not saying Matthews will put up Cooks-like numbers next season, but they needed to get another body in there. And who knows, maybe he could benefit from playing with the greatest QB of all time. Overall, I like the signing for now.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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