Kyrie is Out for the Season; What Now?

Woj dropped something that might be worse than an atomic bomb.

Yep. Kyrie is dunzo for the season. His knee isn’t gonna be able to make it back to full health for Boston this season. If you’re a Boston fan, this is the worst news you could have ever imagined. I did have a dream last week that Terry Rozier led the Celtics over the Rockets in the finals (yea I’m that weirdly obsessed with the C’s), but I didn’t think it would need to actually happen.

This news coming less than 24 hours after their disgusting loss to the Raptors is just a massive kick in the nuts. I planned to write about if the Raptors loss actually meant anything and yea now it fucking does. It means the C’s chance to win the finals is now probably around 0.5%. This team needs to be banking on a Lebron James upset in the first round because there is no way to beat them without Kyrie at the helm for Boston.

Celtics are a weird team and this loss makes them even weirder. If they avoid the Cavs, Boston can still find themselves in the finals. Yea, I know, you’re asking me how the hell they could still make the finals. The simple answer: The East still sucks as a whole.  The deeper answer: The Celtics will need a shit ton of luck in Lebron losing in the first round or getting hurt before the Cavs see us. I wouldn’t wish injury upon Lebron, but he never gets hurt anyways so they better lose.

I firmly believe that the Celtics could get through the rest of the East

Yes, even the Raptors. We know how they get in the playoffs and if they choke it out like they love to do, then the C’s could sneak through the East. The Celtics probably won’t be favorites even in the first series, but Coach of the Year Brad Stevens does not give a single shit about that. They just beat the fully healthy Raptors a week ago while having their beat-up lineup. The last game against the Raptors could prove to be an outlier. The Raps were pissed from getting their asses kicked the night before to the Cavs. Opposed to that, the Celtics took a beating from the Bucks the night before but were not playing with the same pissed off motivation Toronto had. On top of that, back to backs are never a concern in the playoffs as they don’t exist.

If Boston can get through the Raptors, they can get through anybody else. Besides Lebron of course. Currently, Boston would be playing Washington in the first round but could wind up facing the Bucks or Heat as well depending on how these final games turn out. Just as easily as the Celtics could win these series, they could get swept.

The best thing for Celtics fans to do is get pumped for next season

Kyrie, Hayward, Jaylen, Tatum, and Horford are gonna be putting the rest of the league in the ground next season. Let Lebron leave to the West, and the Celtics will be by far the favorites to make it to the finals and honestly maybe even to win it. Or maybe just maybe, Scary Terry can make my dream come true this season.

-Brandon Black (@bhblack02)

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