Once Again The MLB Hall Of Fame Got It WRONG!

Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez, Mariano Rivera, and Mike Mussina are your newest members into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Once again the Hall Of Fame got it wrong!

Yes, you read that correctly, they messed up and in doing so they made history.

My first beef with the HOF is the fact that they gave Marino Rivera 100% of the votes but not Ken Griffey Jr. Yes, Rivera is the greatest closer of all-time, was absolute nails in the 9th inning (unless he was playing the Sox) and we will probably never see another like in him our life time! BUT, do people not remember how Griffey literally changed the game of baseball?

Griffey had the IT factor. He had the ability to make people stop everything they are doing and watch. The ability to make young kids fall in love with the game of baseball. The swag and energy he brought and just the pure enjoyment you could see on his face while he was playing the game he truly loved will never be matched again.

Well, ok Mike Trout is pretty damn close. Add all this up with that fact that Griffey sits at 7th all time on the home run leaders list. He missed 719 games in his career that is over 4 MLB season.

The way he played the game was the way you wanna teach your kids to play the game he left everything out there every single game and it showed. If he stayed healthy he without a doubt in my mind would be the all time home run leader.

I’m not trying to take anything away from Rivera at all here it is just simple that Griffey had a bigger impact on the game and was much more deserving of being the first player to get 100% of the votes. It is just if Griffey was not a 100% of the votes, no one should be.

Now on to the other beef I have! Mike Mussina, Mike f***ing Mussina! What planet am I on?

How in Gods name is that guy a first ballot Hall Of Famer? He never won more than 20 games in a season. His career ERA is 3.68. He only posted an ERA below a 3.00 once in his 18 year career. One God damn time!

Posted an ERA above a 4.00 six times. He is a glorified number 3 starter and we just let him in on his first ballot. Unbelievable!

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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