Old People Have Ruined College Basketball

Last night, Kansas and Kansas State got into a bench clearly WWE style brawl last night and it was awesome.  “But John what about the kids?” Fuck yo kids.

The brawl was awesome and I am going to go on a limb and say it was 100% necessary.  Kansas State 100% started this fight and then shit their pants when Kansas finished it.  Kansas was doing the right thing by dribbling the clock out and the game was over.  KU was up big and their were legit seconds left.  Then KSU had something to say.

Poor sorry ass KSU just had to do the biggest douche thing ever…steal the ball.  Kid on KSU steals the ball and gets his shit sent to the students section, then the guy stands over him (rightfully so) and then all hell breaks loose.

81-59 with 6.4 seconds left and you want to be a douchebag.  I’m pro fight.  KSU started this and then Kansas finished it.  I’m all for De Sousa throwing chairs at people.  It brings excitement to the game and it was a rightful fight.

However, my problem now stems to the old shitty ESPN reporters calling for these kids heads on a platter.  Seth Greenberg and Dicky V sounded like they have never seen a fight before in their lives with the comments they were making regarding this.  If that’s the case these two should come to legit any YMCA Men’s League.  Dicky V and Greenberg were throwing that “I” term around were crying about integrity and shit.

Should De Sousa be suspended, yes.  But should these KSU kids get off free?  Absolutely not.  I think the kid who stole it is #3 and he should be suspended the year too for being a dickhead.  I love Kansas they are always a tough team and will be down to fight whenever someone is being disrespectful.  But ESPN was unwatchable with the shit they were saying about this fight.

Like hey guys, basketball is a physical sport.  People are going to fight.

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John (Uncle_Mac4)


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