Of Course Zion Was Paid!

So this morning this account Daniel Wallach tweeted out that Zion was pretty much ineligible and that him and Coach K agreed on a pay-for-play deal.  Also water is wet and the sun is hot.  This might be the most obvious sports ineligibility of all time.  First off, good for you Zion.  Go get that bag while only being 18.  Second, I can’t believe this took a full year for it to come out.  This is one of those things that every college does to secure a generational talent like Zion, they pay for it.  Same thing happened to Reggie Bush, USC paid for his services and Duke did the same with Zion.

Now, where do they go from there.  A few weeks ago, Zion filed a motion that would allow him to not go under oath but that was denied.  Then we got some super juicy, yet obvious, details about the alleged Duke contract.

Allegedly, Duke gave Zion and his family a house valued at $950,000 once he signed with Duke.  This is almost $800,000 more than the previous home they lived in.

I mean we have seen this before in college sports.  Alabama does it all the time and I have no idea how they don’t get caught.  I remember Nick Saban helping Tua and his family move to Alabama once he become the starting QB and plenty of other schools have done it too.  This is almost a formality now.

The next alleged violation is… the cars.  Zion was rolling up to practice like Drake in the AMG and no one batted an eye.

Not really an AMG but he did have a pretty nice collection.  A 2018 G Wagon, 2016 GMC Yukon and a 2015 Cadillac Escalade (big fan of the Escalade, always have been).  Once again, if you’re illegally getting paid by your college then you have to buy cars.  It goes hand-in-hand with the new house.  Like, come on!

And here is my personal favorite of Zion’s dad asking for cash from Kansas.

I love this move by Mr. Williamson.  Of course you ask for money this is negotiating 101.  “Duke offered me a $950,000 house and 3 cars. Give me straight cash and he’ll come to Kansas.”  Honestly you think Zion cared where he played?  However, he would have at least made the Final Four if he signed with Kansas but what is the difference between Duke and Kansas – nothing.

This whole case is because Gina Ford (no idea who she is) is trying to prove that Zion wasn’t a student-athlete and if you aren’t deemed a “student-athlete” then you obviously can’t play college sports.

At the end of the day this case is pointless.  Zion was only staying at Duke for one year despite what he said about staying for an extra year.  He was a one and done and everyone knew that so why go through with this case?  Gina Ford really thinks the NCAA is going to punish Duke?  Duke basketball is probably their second most profited team outside of Alabama football.  It won’t happen and if it does what does Zion care.  He made his money at Duke and is now making his money in the NBA.

Hopefully more stuff comes out on this today but it just seems like a formality now with pay-for-play in the NCAA.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)


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