Odell Beckham Jr. is Apparently Chasing the GOAT

Any football fan knows that Odell Beckham Jr. likes to display his emotions on the field, but apparently there’s a reason behind it:

Today, Odell posted this mashup video of him and Tom Brady respectivley losing their minds during games. He captioned it “Goat Chasing.” This being just a few days after Beckham claimed he is a victim to the NFL’s double standard. His comments were in response to Tom Brady’s blowup at Josh McDaniels last weekend in Buffalo. He went off about it in a Twitter thread starting here:

And I’m not going to lie, he does make a good point. The Brady vs. McDaniels incident was put to rest the minute Brady’s post game press conference ended on Sunday. Nobody ever really questioned it after that. The only reason it’s somewhat relevant right now is because Odell got involved.

I think he is definitley treated unfairly in that aspect, and that’s coming from somebody who has watched their favortite player show that much passion their whole career. I love having a guy that has displays that much passion because it means they aren’t just doing it for the game check. Odell isn’t a hot head or immature because of how he acts, I think he just really loves the game. There isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. Brady has always had that fiery edge to him, it’s part of the reason why he’s the best ever. And it’s part of the reason why Odell is one of the best recievers in the NFL right now. You have to really care about what you’re doing to be great at it, and I think Odell wants to be great.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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