Big Names You Will Need To Know For The NBA Draft

Here are the top three players that I believe will make make a big impact in the NBA next season.

Marvin Bagley has almost locked up the number one pick in the draft. This kid has shown that he can really do it all over his first ten games at Duke. Bagley can score from multiple spots on the floor, slash to the basket effectively, and even play D. What Bagley really needs to work on is his ball handling skills. They are not terrible, but he needs to polish his dribbling up for the NBA. If you are Bulls fan, then get ready for this kid to make some noise next season. The number one thing that Bagley has going for him, is that scouts have already seen him play with NBA players. Last Summer Bagley played in the Drew League, and was on the same team as Chris Paul and James Harden. Plus he shut down Warriors center, JaVale McGee on the defensive end.

Another player that may not be on your radar is Luka Doncic who plays for Real Madrid. Since this kid is only 18 and does not play for an American College, you probably have not seen him play at all. Now, I am not saying Luka is going to be the next big Euro star that makes it big in the NBA, but he looks promising. The thing is that Luka is very mature for his age and show valuable IQ when on the court. He will not impress you with his quickness/speed, but he makes the right plays. Luka can also shoot from almost anywhere on the floor so he is a player that every team in the top 10 draft spots will have on their radar. To be honest, he kind of reminds me of a young Gordon Hayward. I provided a clip of Doncic so you can take a look yourself.

DeAndre Ayton is a 7 footer out of Arizona who can change any teams defensive dynamics. Ayton has shown so far this season that he can play defense as well as hit some mid range jump shots. I am very surprised that he actually worked out over the offseason and has an NBA rady body. I would not be surprised what so ever if Ayton went number one overall in this years draft. At some points Ayton has looked more athletic on the defensive end than Bagley.   The thing is, he tends to drift towards the perimeter while on offense. An NBA is going to want Ayton to primarily play the post position.

These are the players I believe will be selected as the top three draft picks. As the season goes on, I will go over other players that I believe are ready to make an impact in the NBA.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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