NOT GREAT! Jayson Tatum Out 10-14 Days After Positive COVID Test

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So this is the last thing that Celtics fans wanted to see. The Celtics were starting off the season hot at 7-3. However, the COVID bug has been deadly with the Celtics. First, Robert Williams tested positive. Then, Grant Williams and Tristan Thompson have to quarantine because of close contact tracing. Now this. I mean, c’mon now! Tatum being out is huge and for significant reason.

The Leadership

We’re seeing a little different Jayson Tatum this year. The skills are there. The points per game are there. But he’s growing up now. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still very young at 22 years old. But he’s maturing in front of our very eyes. Take the tweet above for example after the Miami game. He was right there with Jaylen Brown to stand up for what’s right after the attack on the Capitol building. This is something we wanted to see with Tatum coming into this season and so far, he’s delivering.

The Production

This was one of the questions going into the season. Could the Celtics stay a float with Kemba starting the season injured? We knew Jayson Tatum was a star in the making, but would he be ready for that next step? So far, Tatum is averaging close to 27 points a game which is a career high. I think he’s doing his job there! Hard to make up 27 points a game with one guy.

The (Hospital) Celtics Losing Everyone

I don’t need to say too much about this. Seven of nine guys on the injury report because of COVID related issues? Yeah, cancel the Celtics games for the next week at least! Not just because of Tatum, but because they might not even be able to put enough players on the court.

In Conclusion

The silver lining here? This happened more toward the beginning of the season. But it still stinks to see. You need Jayson Tatum back in the lineup ASAP. Try to float about water until Tatum gets back. Or hope Tatum had a false positive. Whichever comes first!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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