Nikola Jokic is a Future MVP

Before all is said in done, Serbian giant Nikola Jokic will pass his way to a MVP.

Jokic is a wildly unique player. The passing ability at the center spot is nearly peerless. The comp we see is only to legendary Euro center Arvydas Sabonis.

Marc Gasol is the closest we currently have to matching the passing vision and execution of Jokic at the center spot.

However, Jokic can not only pass – and he’s not just good for a center. Compared to point guards, Jokic still stands out.

Prince of Passing

There is nothing I love more in the NBA than a great pass from a big.

A flashy pass from a big? Oh baby.

Enjoy a few minutes of basketball ecstasy.

Jokic can pass the rock. Has this video made that abundantly clear? Ok.

Lord of Boards

Jokic is a very large man. This allows for many rebounds.

He also has a knack for being in the right spot to get a rebound.

There is also few players you’d like to get a rebound less. On the offensive end, Jokic can pass out for a three of put it back using one of his very underrated post moves. On defense, Jokic can start the break with a great outlet pass or skip the ball up ahead to create great fastbreak chances.

Unfortunately, though, he grabs many rebounds.

Jokic should be able to grab even more rebounds now that he is slimmer than every before. If you didn’t notice the featured image on the article, you can see the change below.

The new weight should allow him to be bouncier and also play better defensively. Jokic is an average defender, but if he can learn to move and he can already facilitate and rebound at such a high level? Watch out. That doesn’t even consider his scoring acumen.

Sultan of Scoring

Jokic isn’t known as a high volume scorer, but he is sneaky good!

He has a genius basketball mind and always makes the right play, which is usually passing to the open man.

If he has an opportunity, though, he can score with the best of them.

He can stroke it from deep as well as score down low. That versatility, along with his passing, makes Jokic a monster on the offensive end.

King of Clutch

Jokic also shows up when it matters.

His playoff performance in 2019 was one for the ages.

Jokic averaged 25-13-8 in 40 minutes per game! That type of line is almost unprecedented, kind of like Jokic’s whole game.

When things got tight in the playoffs, the Nuggets leaned on Jokic and he got much better. That is not supposed to happen and speaks to a genius level basketball IQ.

Jokic is Getting Better

Jokic is not going to get worse at 24 years old. The Joker is just reaching his peak now.

If Jokic can stay in great shape, every aspect of his game will improve. That includes his defense, which is viewed as a weakness of his.

The reign of Jokic is coming for us all. Now, it won’t sneak up on you.

Jokic has the stats, burgeoning winning pedigree, and likability that will lead to an eventual MVP. Watch out Giannis!

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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