Nick Pivetta could be turning a corner for the Red Sox

Let’s face it Red Sox fans. The first portion of the Red Sox season has been putrid. And that’s putting it nicely! One bright spot has been the starting pitching. Which is surprising, given that Chris Sale and James Paxton are both on the shelf until at least June, maybe even July. But one name that people should start paying attention to is Nick Pivetta. Pivetta had a rough start to the season, just like a lot of Red Sox players did. However, it looks like Nick Pivetta is turning a corner for the Boston Red Sox.

Nick Pivetta and his recent Red Sox stats

The stats from Jared Carrabis’s tweet above pretty much tell the tale of Pivetta’s start of the season in two parts. We have the first part that shows some pretty glaring details. The walks were up. the hits allowed were up. Not to mention that the ERA was extremely pukeworthy. A 10.03 ERA? Barf!

However, in his last four starts, we start to notice some good things going on here. The hits are down. The walks are down. Strikeout totals are going up, which is something we should see from Nick Pivetta. Most importantly, the ERA is significantly lower. A 2.45 ERA in his last four starts is a huge sign for Nick Pivetta moving forward.

Holding down the fort

The Red Sox need to tread water for the next couple of months. There are reinforcements hopefully coming with Chris Sale and James Paxton in the rotation. Nick Pivetta is a big part of holding down the fort for this Red Sox team. He had his stretch at the end of 2021 and into the playoffs where he was lights out. Now, it’s simply a question of whether or not Pivetta can join the likes of Nathan Eovaldi, Tanner Houck, Rich Hill, and Michael Wacha in keeping this Red Sox team in games. Cause once the offense gets going (hopefully!), Pivetta and the other pitchers will be racking up the wins.

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: masslive.com

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